Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Taking In A Few More State Parks

Saturday, we took the advice of "ranger-in-training" Liz and headed over to Taum Sauk Mountain State Park to hike the Mina Sauk Falls Trail. The falls is Missouri's longest water fall, and only flows after a good, hard rain. With the rain we had all week we knew we were in for a fantastic water show. 

What Liz neglected to share, is that Mina Sauk Falls Trail has got to be Missouri's best hike! The sign said "rugged and difficult"...I agree with the rugged part, but I've been on more difficult trails.  We scaled boulders, skipped across wet and muddy terrain...to reach the beautiful and roaring water fall.
What is it about a water fall that captivates? We found the perfect boulders to plant ourselves on to eat our backpack lunch, while listening to the  sound of the fall's gushing water. It's the sweet sound of tranquility and peace. 

When we completed the hike we strolled down the paved walkway to highest peak in Missouri. We really envisioned having to scale another portion of the Taum Sauk Mountain. Nope, we just walked up to the plaque positioned on the ground and recorded our time there--photo style.  

After we finished our time at Taum Sauk, we stopped at the Pilot Knob battlefield site. We love incorporating history into our trips, when we can. It was a Civil War lesson for all of us. 
We dug the interactive map in the center of the museum that taught us everything we didn't know about about the Battle of Pilot Knob. Like how the Union army of 1000 men defeated the Confederate army of 12,000 men. Pretty big deal for the split state of Missouri. 

Before heading back to our camp site we stopped to check on the status of the shut-Ins. Still closed. M said, "this is like being on a diet and staring at a big ole' hamburger you can't eat!" Honestly the water was much too swift, too dangerous to even dip a toe in.  

Then it was back to site 321 for a little R&R, appetizers and cocktails before dinner. 

After dinner the girls, who were serious about earning their Missouri State Parks Explorer patch this weekend, headed over to the amphitheater. The evening's program was "Music of The Night." And, the girls were specific in letting "the parents" know they were not invited. It was a sista date! Armed with a headlamp and flashlight they were off for a night hike, to learn about the choir of animal sounds heard when the sun sets.

While the girls were gone King Ralph and I built a fire. We gazed at the heavily star filled sky...and enjoyed the "Music of The Night." 

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Lin said...

What fun! I am seriously jealous that you are off and camping...and I am at work...dealing with morons.