Friday, February 10, 2017

Go Ahead Mother Nature, Keep On Teasing

Do you ever have one of those days? Or two? Of course you have. We all have! The last two days had me crawling on my hands and knees to Friday at 3:30pm. 

Last Sunday the weather was glorious! Mother Nature kind of laughed in the groundhog's face and his call of six more weeks of winter gracing us with a 71* day. King Ralph, D and I headed out to walk a new (to us) trail. We even took our pouch along. It was exactly what we all needed! February, for me, is notorious for a heavy load of defiant students. King Ralph is dealing with work nonsense. While D is college senior stressed. There is something about fresh air that is so healing to the mind and soul.

By Wednesday Mother Nature laughed again and dropped an hour of snow flurries from the sky. Thursday it was bone ass cold. I ran a heater under my desk at work all day to fight off hypothermia. 

This weekend we are back to the spring weather. Friday I came home shed my closed toe shoes for Birkenstocks. Made myself a couple of grapefruit martinis and sat on the deck. I felt the nonsense of the last two days melt away. And Saturday. Woooo! I got something exciting planned. Can't wait to share the experience! 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

When The Save Button Fails

Last week I started to draft a post about my political feelings. It has always been my rule to not make posts of my personal political views--regardless of how many people might share my thinking. So when twice my edits didn't save I took it as a sign to move on. 

Last Friday after work King Ralph, M and I drove to see D in her final college opera performance. After the opera we took a few her friends to get beers at a new beer house. A place that didn't scream college drunk fest. It was inviting in its industrial astetic, simple decor and butcher block picnic style tables. The plethora of beer and cider options on tap made our eyes sparkle. The pretzel chaser we ordered was large, hot and delicious! I shall return for a few brews, and a pretzel, with D before she parts way in May. (Funny side story: when I went to close out our tab my card was declined. Haha, I accidently gave my flex spending card to the bartender. Honestly, I can't see why beer isn't considered medicinal?!)

It was when my political post seemed sabotaged by the save button that I knew to reflect on what the last four years gave me, gave us, that was where my heart was meant to be! 
And we never failed to remember the flowers. Always flowers!  

In the end I was saved by the save button. Amen to that! 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekend Warrior

I feel like I'm on a streak of bad luck. 

Weekend bad luck. 

Last Friday morning I woke up at 4AM with my stomach churning. I made a valiant attempt to get ready for work, but by 5:30AM my head was in the toilet bowl. I spent a good part of the weekend getting IVs,  anti-nausea medications, shots in my arse and just curled up in a ball, moaning. 

The plans that were to happen last weekend was to start checking off my Oscar buzz list of movies. Those that know me know I have an obsession with seeing all Oscar nominated films. Friday was to be a date night with King Ralph to see Manchester by The Sea and Saturday was to be a daughter date to see Jackie with Princess A (King Ralph said not a chance in hell could I drag him to that one.) 

Here we are this weekend...didn't want to jinx myself with the movies I picked last weekend. I decided we would head over to Frontenac for dinner at the Canyon CafĂ© and then pop over to the Landmark Theater to see Lion. What the hell! Mother Nature come on, another ice storm?! So here I sit taking an unpaid day off work because it's too dangerous to drive. I'm scrolling through my Netflix options. Series of Unfortunate Events it pun intended. 

Well I'm all bummed I'm not going to be going to the movies again this weekend, but my poor M's best college friend/former roommate is getting married on Saturday. There's been tears from the bride when the florist refused to deliver the flowers on Saturday, the hair and make up lady canceled....  And all the while all King Ralph and I really care about is that everyone gets to where they need to go safely! I could imagine wedding photos surrounded by ice dripped trees would be magical, but in reality it's really just a bride's hell! 

So. Here I'm putzing around the house cleaning this and cleaning that...sipping tea and watching Netflix...putting a puzzle together to the sounds of tiny ice pellets hitting the windows. 

Winter. I love you. To a point! 

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good Bye 2016

This year I have been suffering mental exhaustion from work. This year I find myself reminding me that the students I encounter are but a mere percentage of the student population. I remind myself it's no big deal to have a new boss. This year I come home and am drained...creative juices all but spent on politically correct letter writing and fake niceness. 

While I took the weekends of October to shower myself in fun, friends and relaxation...did I mention my trip to hang with Amy Roloff?
Ya, I forgot to mention that bit of fun. November and December have the usual holiday stresses of their own. I am proud of myself though, because I kept "holiday Jodi" (as my girls have labeled my wig outs) in complete check. 

I took control of my stresses last year by losing 25 pounds (15 more to go). I got my medical obstacles taken care of--some with pills, one under the knife. Also, I decided I didn't need to let my coworkers's nonsense disturb me any longer. It has been easier to put all my other stresses in perspective by just tackling one. The domino effect is working! 

Keeping myself paced through the holidays has been a tremendous calming to me. We decorated the tree as a family (this consisted of girls decorating while the men watched till the angel needed placing). I shopped and wrapped while those around me seemed flustered at getting the jobs tackled. The girls and I had a baking Sunday. It was relaxed, fun, not a chore. I kept my house very tidy so excessive mad cleaning wasn't a necessary. 

Then Christmas came. 

We feasted, worshipped, and sipped French martinis while opening gifts on Christmas Eve--as a family.  
Christmas Day we feasted, sipped cocktails and played games--as an extended family. We celebrated family members announcing a pregnancy and an engagement. We did loads of dishes and gorged on cookies. It was all a jolly good time!! 

I decided to fill my spare time this year with something more meaningful that gives and gives back. I am now a Make-A-Wish wish granter.
There is something fulfilling in adding joy to someone else's life, kneeling in front of someone else's Christmas tree to snap a picture, remembering the true spirit of Christmas. When you know the goal to granting a wish is total reality...pure and utter excitement overtakes the heart! 

With my heart full and my mind/body relaxed; I've taken to doing what I want on my winter break from work. I spent an evening at the movies with King Ralph, M and D to see Passengers. On two separate mornings I went solo to the movies to see Collateral Beauty and La La Land. I spent another day flopped on my bed binge watching "This Is Us." I lunched on The Hill with King Ralph and Princess A.    

So ya, I'm getting it. Life. In a better healthier way. 

No 2017 resolution required! 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Not Goodbye, But See You Later

While some people have been consumed with post election mental breakdowns...I was busy feeling good. You see I chose, we chose, to spend the weekend away from negativity and the TV. 

King Ralph and I took The Wanderlust out for once last adventure. We walked the dog along the river. We grilled. We drank wine under the almost full moon. We made campfires all weekend. King Ralph smoked cigars. I read my book, while Fall's fresh cool air kissed my skin and the campfire warmed the air. 
King Ralph and I were truly relaxed. Not a care in the world! 

Then we winterized The Wanderlust. Tucking her in for cold months ahead, and waiting for Spring to come back around again. 

Till then....

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Post I Forgot to Post

The Monday morning struggle was real! Dragging myself from my bed was a real feat. You see, October weekends have not failed us. Once again we were off on an adventure. It's the impending adventures that carry me through the work week! 

Our latest adventure was to include Prince Charming. He has yet to make a trip to Chicago to meet the people up there that mean the most to us. His California address got in the way for years...then he moved back to the Lou...and who knows what's been keeping him from joining in on our past trips. Perhaps that little thing called: a job. 

It was all planned--introducing him around town. Then his sister had to go and have her baby ahead of her scheduled C-section date. Which meant we adventured without Prince Charming. Completely understandable. 

To Chicago we went! Me, King Ralph and Princess A. 

With the Cubs in the city we opted to venture out into nature. Five of us headed out to Matthiesn State Park.
We navigated the rocks as we crossed the water.
One of us mistook leaves and pine needles thickly laying atop the water as ground. Yep, down in the water went my shoe. The wet shoe was worth the nature sights! 

After we hiked in the dells area of the park, we headed to Ottawa to try out a microbrewery
We sampled 
But I'll be a son-of-a-gun if in October this place was out of their Octoberfest brew. 

We finished off Saturday with deep dish pizza, the Cubs and pumpkin martinis. 

On Sunday we headed over to the nursing facility to hang with my favorite old lady--my Grandma. 
King Ralph snapped this candid shot of my Grandma and I. I think I'll end up cherishing this photo. It's real. It's simple. It's love. 

And the October adventures continues....

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Light Shines Blue

Tomorrow morning King Ralph will put on his dress blues and do what he's done so many times before--attend a police funeral. They're the kind of funerals no person in blue cares to attend, but know they must. It is the kind of funeral I pray every night never touches our family. It's the type of funeral that leaves me praying for a young widow and her toddler son. 

When a life is lost in the line of duty I'm reminded why I've always kept one dirty undershirt of King Ralph's.  If the girls and I ever where to lose him...well, I want to be able to breath in his scent. It's also why I like to keep one foot touching his leg at night. I need to know my guy is there next to me. Silly I suppose, but more now than ever, in this day and age where police are not respected....and more often hated.   

The night Officer Snyder's life was taken I snuggled King Ralph before drifting off to sleep and I told him I can't wait for him to retire. I told him I appreciate what he does to provide for our family, and that I'm proud of him...but I ready to stop worrying. I worry more now than I use too. 

Tonight as we turn off the lights and head to bed, one light at our house will shine blue. Shine in honor of a life lost to soon, to young, in the line of duty.