Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flipping Through The Photo Archives

It is just D and I at home tonight.  King Ralph has been fishing all week (Sssshhh! this regular week long adventure of his is actually my favorite time of the year) and Princess A is out with her new boy.  D has decided that watching a marathon of Family Guy is a good idea...I hate Family Guy. So I am flipping through my photo archives and found this photo of the girls at the drive-in last summer, playing at the ancient-old-rusty-accident-waiting-to-happen playground.

I love these three girls and no matter their growing up they will always be my babies!  And I love that they love me too. I love that they don't mind me giving them tons of cheek kisses and big hugs.  Wait D hates to be kissed but on occasion she lets me--she's always been like that, always!

I love that no matter how big they get they still love family outings and adventures with the parents.
Dog gone I miss that girl in the "Bears" shirt!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Saturdays

When one is so use to constant noise--sister fights over a sneaky borrow of fashion, piano playing, singing voice lesson songs, rap music blasting from bedrooms, father I sit on this Saturday night alone. Quiet house.  Silence broken only by the sounds of cricket chirps on a fall night.  Last Saturday King Ralph was home alone and this week it is my turn.  It always sounds so inviting till the moment, but divide and conquer is how we roll these days.

Last Saturday it was my trip to MSU for a college tour for D and to watch M perform for the first time with the college band at the football game.

Dare I reflect on that Saturday?  Let's just say when it rains--slippery when wet...trip to the urgent care center and few bottles of pills to ease the pain of my non-existent elbow, sprained rotator cuff and maybe my pride too (since I hit ground in front of four rather good looking college boys).  I still managed to cook M and her roomies two home cooked meals, so that has to count for super-mom status.

This Saturday it is King Ralph entertaining M for Parents Weekend (or as we refer to it drop a load of cash at Walmart and take the child out to dinner weekend) while I conquered the final high school homecoming dance at our abode.  It was full on glamour in the great room all afternoon--Princess A with the rat tail comb teasing D's hair into a Carrie Underwood-esque fancy ponytail and painting her face up America's Next Top Model style--it's all about the smokey eyes.  Of course I tried to capture a photo of the glam in action but I was snapped at that pre-beauty pictures where off limits.  It is the last homecoming dance her at the abode.  All the chapters of teenhood coming to close little by little.  

Then it was time to get the "Sugar Rush" party started

These three beauties have no dates to tend to for the night.  They are free to mingle and work the dance floor at their leisure.  This is just the way they wanted it to be. No date, no heel height restrictions applied.

And in-case you were wondering how I spent my LHS senior year homecoming...well here you go a snap shot memory to share.  Back in the day if you didn't get asked to the dance you didn't go.  So we beauties of the class of nineteen eighty something had a "Dateless Homecoming Party"
If I recall correctly that Bronx Zoo hat got passed around a lot that night.

Believe it or not most of us in this picture still hang out together.

Thursday, September 06, 2012


Today is school picture day.  Some things I am just to old to enjoy...this is one of those things!

I know, I know, just smile and say cheese.