Monday, November 30, 2015

No Rest Required

It's suddenly quiet at Casa de Reynosa. M headed back to school for her last 11 days of course work. D headed back to school, with her cousin in tow, a few hours later. It's just King Ralph, the dog (soon to fall into her usual bout of sister separation depression) and we are typically placed in our respective relaxation spots. Before we were left empty nesters again, we had had some more family fun. 

Friday we spent the day transforming the house in Christmas. 
And Friday night we took the girls to STL Symphony 
for a performance of Peter and the Wolf. The two selections the preceded Peter and the Wolf were absolutely amazing. On the way home we sang Christmas carols playing on the radio. Our Winter Wonderland was absolutely fantastic...probably could be our go to party trick. (I miss us all in the car singing together!) 

Saturday was about unloading M's childhood bedroom furniture from her room, to make space for her "big girl bed" to come home from her college apartment. Her childhood set hit Craigslist and sold in a matter of hours. She boxed up, trashed and gave away a plethora of treasures that lay hibernating in her closests. Then we headed out for Mexican food and margaritas. We crossed the road to the movie theater to see Mocking Jay Part Two; to round out the Thanksgiving holiday break. 

As one week ends the coming week is set to bring holiday festivities...and I say bring it on! 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stop To Breath. Reflect. Be Thankful.

The last weeks have been jam packed with fun. It's in the fun that I can pause and be thankful for all God has blessed me with. 

I'm always thankful that I'm a mom to girls.  Daughter dates fill my heart. Not all of the girls are always around, but when they are.... Princess A and I always enjoy going to theater, midweek, to take in a stage production that I can almost guarantee King Ralph would likely not select. 
I do know he'd select the symphony, but sometimes a mom and her baby just need a date. So that's exactly what my D and I did! 
The bonus for King Ralph is that the STL Symphony's production of Musical Flight will air on our PBS station in January. 

It's been over a decade since one of the cousin's got married. Our entire family had a fantastic time being a part of K & R's ceremony.  D and Alyssa (the non-Catholics of the family) sang the entire mass and I did the second reading.  I think it's just the likely choice to ask D and Alysaa to sing, being they are vocal music majors in college. You know they did good when the bride is moved to tears while at the alter and at the reception (while thanking D). As for my reading...printed in 24 font guaranteed I could leave my reading glasses in my purse and wowwed everyone. 

It's easy to be thankful for love and marriage...a beautiful reception and a good gene pool of pretty girls. Wink,wink.
You know it's a good wedding when there are fresh, hot, mini donuts being created right on the spot (this is the mini donut guy from Soulard Market).
Only in our family would an arm wrestle go down at a family wedding reception, but why? Could it be the winner gets Princess A? Sister vs. her guy.  
In a moment of reflection I must pause and wonder how time passes so quickly. 

As one week of joy ends, another begins. 

While there was lots of cleaning and Thanksgiving prep going down, I still had to work. Wednesday left just two of us in the office, no principals and no students. It was the perfect day for "bring your dog to work day." Uli took in her first day at middle school by strolling the halls
and resting by my desk 

Finally it's Thursday. Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday. A weather perfect day! Sun shining, blue skies and 61*. 
We are a family of all "big" people, with just a few under age, making the bar options in full shake and stir 
(rum or bourbon and Coke, cosmos, wine or beer)

We ate and ate. It is a year to reevaluate the amount of "Lucy Corn" prepared and served now that we are a family of all adults. Although we had enough turkey we no longer have the volume of leftovers we once did. 

Something we did have was four of the five senior sisters of the family together for the first time in eons. 

For a second week in a row all the cousins were together. 
This a miracle of mammoth proportion! Not since before my nephew enlisted in the Air Force could a feat of such togetherness have happened. These young people warm my heart! These young people are the future of the family. 

What are the other measures of a successful day of Thanksgiving? 
My "out law" and making gravy partner in the family,
mini derby pies, 
Princess A's sugar cookies and pumpkin pie martinis, 
when the turkey gets passed around from head to head, 
And last but not least my nephew's French Bulldog puppy: Sherman (named for Gen. Sherman of the Civil War). 

This is why my cornucopia runneth over. 



Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Think Someone Left Some Friday the 13th Juju In the House

Early this morning as I lay on the couch watching the news, two birds suddenly flew into our glass garden doors. If it was suicide mission they failed. Then I got about my morning by starting to clean the kitchen. I spied a fly on the kitchen window, so I decided to go for the kill. With a towel in my hand I whacked at the window. I whacked the window alright! I shattered my kitchen window. With a dish towel. Eek! 
(We will discuss the new neighbor's yard later) 

I thought the fly won the fight, but as I began cleaning up glass I saw I got the pesty bastard. His little fly legs still flinching after he took a hit from the guillotine. 
But I think the fly is getting the last laugh.

Dear Santa: 
Please bring me a new window for Christmas.