Saturday, May 14, 2016

Peace Out

I'll admit it. I got choked up just as the processional began, but I held the tears back. The happy-prideful-mom tears. I'm menopausal so to let eye water drip would really mean flood gates opening. 

There she was, my middle baby girl all decked out in maroon and cords. She was ready to take her prize...with honors I might add! All those endless hours of studying in the library paid off. All those hours of late nights in her student teaching classroom paid off. All those green backs leaving mine and King Ralph's bank account paid off. We are proud beyond words. 

Not only are King Ralph and I proud, but the sisters are proud too! 

After graduation M and I hit the pavement across campus. We were racing against the sky's impending storm, to recapture the very first photo she took on the campus she called home for many years 
A successful capture! 

M graduated the day after signing her contract for a teaching job. There were some disappointments along the road to finding a job. Where one door closes another opens. All is well. 

And the sun shines! 


Lin said...

Congratulations!! What a wonderful day and celebration...with honors yet too!! AND a new job!! Not many graduates have a job upon graduation day, so she should be really proud.

the family shot is great. :)

JODI said...

Lin, one day the girls will let me stand next to my man. I always start out next to him, but there is so much...I need to stand here, my best side is on this end.... I just stick my short self in anyway and hope for a decent family picture.