Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Top Ten List

Reasons our three week RV trip needs to end 
1. We've run out of laundry detergent 
2. We've run out of quarters for the laundry 
3. We've run out of toilet paper (I nabbed a partial roll from a national park bathroom in case we couldn't find a store mid travel...I'm going to Hell!)
4. The Wanderlust's traveling bar is dry 
5. Mine and King Ralph's hiking shoes have expired as of today 
6. My hair has a grey stripe down the center. (I need hair dye! BAD!!)
7. I can't drink another ounce of Gatorade...even to curb desert heat dehydration
8. Waking daily between 4-5am to hike and beat the desert heat has grown old
9. Folding up the kids bed to make it back into a couch 
10. Review reasons 1 through 4 

Now ask if I am really ready to go home? 

Sunday, July 02, 2017


It's funny how life happens. You can plan and plan, but sometimes the unexpected happens. Last Friday morning we were suppose to be starting our vacation in The Wanderlust...things changed. King Ralph's step-father passed away on Thursday morning. When we returned from King Ralph's mother's house that's when King Ralph titled this year's Wanderlust trip the "Wanderbust."

It's so heart breaking watching my mother-in-law's grief. She herself is not in the best of health. Seven years ago two brain surgeries have left her...well with her thoughts jumbled from time to time. She's going to need her family now more than ever. 

Yesterday D and I called her to go over the funeral music. I explained how she needed to eat, that her body needs fuel to keep going. The tears kicked in and she said "you know what I need?" I knew.  I told her I knew she wanted her husband of 39 plus years, but he was gone and he'd want her to take care of herself. She says things like "he was my honey" or "he was my pal" or "we were suppose to go together." Her husband was a kind of crotchety old sole, but their love for each was deep. What more can one ask for in life than to be truly loved? 

Today will be a long day. Some tears likely will be shed. And maybe, perhaps, Wanderlust 2017 will happen after all.