Sunday, May 01, 2016

Colour Me Happy!

had the best weekend! I had planned to have the best weekend being home alone. King Ralph is gone fishing, Princess A is always gone with her Prince Charming. M was off to the country with a college friend, and D is away at school. Just me and the dog making our own schedule. 

I had plans of laundry, Redbox movies and cereal for dinner. Then my work pal and I decided that Friday was a perfect night to celebrate May Day. Never mind it was April 29...close enough, and May Day was on a Sunday. No one wants to whoop it up on a Sunday! We kicked off the month that draws the school year to a close with new low calorie cocktails and healthy snacks on the deck. We had her hubby grill us meat skewers. 

Saturday my BFF decided to drive to STL so we could hangout. Then Princess A decided to join us. The three of us dined at "Stacked," a favorite burger spot in the Carondelet neighborhood. We bellied up to the bar drinking craft beers and Malbec, while we waited for a table. We entertained Princess A with our need of reading glasses to see the menu
and hilarious antics from our 20's. We intended on a movie, but we ran late with dinner. Instead we headed to Bailey's Chocolate Bar for decadent cocktails (Sexual, Raspberry Dark Chocolate and Flower Power) and great laughs. 

It was while we were sipping cocktails that we decided to "break in" to my BFF's parents house (who are still snowbirds in Arizona). Well, it's not really breaking in if you know the garage code. The purpose of our break and enter was to unearth her wedding dress for Princess A to try on. Never mind Princess A is not close to getting married. It's just of all our daughters (we each have three) Princess A was the only likely candidate to fit in the dress. My BFF's dress had better potential of being worn again than my dress ever will. 

So there we were, three thieves in the night, tip toeing around the house in the dark. Trying not to stir the neighbors attention and rummaging around in the basement. BINGO! The dress was found. The tulle was shriveled and a stain was present on the sleeve. And we laughed. No one fit in the dress. I guess she really was super skinny when she got married. I can't fit in my dress either. 
(Princess A loved the veil. Not!) 
(BFF proclaimed the veil still fits) 

We woke Sunday morning, decided on breakfast at a local nostalgic diner none of us have ever visited--Spencer's Grill in downtown Kirkwood. 
We agreed that we shall return! There's something about a small town diner in the burbs. It feels as if you've slipped back in time. 

Then we ditched Princess A, headed to Cliffcave Park for a bit of exercise. Then we headed over to Bee Tree Park to take in the views of the Mississippi River. 

After grabbing some afternoon sun on the deck, my BFF and I hugged goodbye. 

M got home. We headed to Starbucks for a Happy Hour drink...
...and finally that Redbox movie! 

My heart is as full as my belly. :-) 

Colour me happy!!

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Lin said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend!! I am envious. LOVE the wedding dress would have only been better had the folks surprised you by being home. :)