Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I'm Looking Around All Right

King Ralph and I decided to draw up "roommate" contracts. With D returning home in a couple of weeks and M (with her disgusting bathroom keeping skills)...we decided some adult cohabitation rules need to be set in stone...sealed with ink. 

With all the rain that's dumped on STL and more heavy rains falling today...the neighborhood was in a mad rush to mow grass on Tuesday. Hmmmm I think I'm going to add grass mowing as a shared family experience as a contract line after finding this Snapchat. The last thing I need is two yard trolls sitting on the deck sipping vodka tonics watching the old lady work the new mower. 

On a side note. I just got this picture from D. The flood wall that keeps her college town dry is working. 
Under all that water is a walking/running trail that D runs several times a week. This weather. The flooding. Is just so crazy sad. I'm just glad people are safe. 

(For those wondering--I did receive a $20 Starbucks giftcard for my bathroom cleaning services.) 

Monday, May 01, 2017

Remember That Time

Rainy day. 

Rainy weekend! 

Here come the floods. 

While all this rain pours down my mind flashes my memories back to my girls's childhoods. Sending them out to play in the rain, to laugh and have the kind of fun present youth can't break away from electronics to have. Rain can be fun! Watching my girls stomp in puddles turned mini-ponds or spinning around with an umbrella over their heads, barely catching a rain drop fills my heart. That is what being a child should look like. Those are the memories I love! 

Today my Timehop offers other memories. Memories that make me smile and those that make laugh. Timehop reminded me that six years ago M became a princess.
These three royals still roll together. There is something special about holding onto friends from your youth. How ironic is it that next weekend M will be at the prom again. Just in a different compacity. The chaperone kind. 

The memory that appeared next is the one I best liked. Last year my BFF came into town for just the night. King Ralph was gone fishing. Prince Charming was out of town. So my BFF, Princess A and I went out for burgers at this great little place called "Stacked." The night was young when we finished dinner so we went for cocktails at "The Chocolate Bar."
While there we got to talking about our wedding dresses. I'd unearthed mine already so I knew mine didn't (and never will again) fit. Princess A and M tried it on and balked at the idea of ever wearing it. My BFF's parents were snowbirds in Arizona and we decided to bust into their house to find her boxed and preserved wedding dress.
It's not exactly burglar behavior when you have the entry code. There we were, three women feeling like criminals. Tiptoeing through a dark house down to the basement. Long story short...we found the dress, laughed till we cried, snapped a few pictures and laughed our way out of the house. No. Wait. We tiptoed out of the house, in the dark, in total not to rouse the neighbors.  I believe we laughed all night. And the dress...didn't fit...not even Princess A. Damn, we were some skinny bitches when we got married! 

What did that ole' Timehop remind me of--friends are good for the soul!