Sunday, May 15, 2016

Move, Move, Moving

College life for parents means not only lots of money going out, but also lots of moving. This past weekend was a lot of moving down the highways.  After cruising Highway 44 for M's graduation, it was time to cruise Highway 55 to get D settled into her new college apartment. 

D is not coming home this summer. She's working for the university until she departs to teach over seas. While the opportunities that are awaiting her are super exciting, there was real work that needed to be done. 

I started out with this...
...and turned it into this 
I got D's bedroom all in order 
I even put some touches on the hallway

Then we trapsed through Walmart...or "shit-mart", as Princess A affectionately referred to it as when she attended the University. I had to point out that there's a cattle farm next to Walmart, giving it that sweet aroma. After a cool $275 drop of green, D was stocked with enough toilet paper, paper towels, garage bags and food to last her till her adventure is set to begin. I'd had enough interaction with mutants to get me through for a good while! 

Me. Well I'm exhausted! 

While D is settled, M has employment...Princess A has flown the nest. Except for one thing. She still has a heap of stuff that needs to leave our castle. 

Like I said move, move, moving. When will it end?! 

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