Monday, August 04, 2014

Weekends Are the Survival Tool

Once my summer hall pass gets revoked weekend fun is an essential, if not crucial requirement as a reminder that life is fun. So that is exactly what happened--we had fun! 

Shrimp boil w/ friends, the kids, the friends' kids (well the ones who hadn't fallen out of their parents "circle of trust") and a boyfriend drug home to be tortured tainted, and annointed by us all. 
a BIG pot is needed to boil up all this spicy goodness 
to chase the spice I served raspberry beer punch and cucumber martinis 
but here's the problem...I didn't intend to make the god of all martinis Friday night because I was out of fresh mint. That's when King Ralph announced the neighbors had mint growing in their yard.  Okay what's it going to hurt to "borrow" a little mint.  They are new to the neighborhood. M was a favorite high school student of said new neighbors, so why would they care. Yep, we nabbed a bunch of mint.  Guess it's never to late to start criminal behaviors.  Shake, shake, shake went the shaker...till we used up an entire bottle of agave nectar. Didn't run out cucumber vodka, just nector.  Note to self: maintain spare bottle of nector at all times! The kids, who aren't kids any longer, made a fire and roasted marshmallows. 

Nothing is better than spending the day in one of Missouri's wine country regions. Which is just  what we did to celebrate a cousin turning 21 years old. 

oh hell I turned a year older.