Thursday, May 12, 2016

Weekends Make The Week Tolerable

The weekends have been busy. Not the arduous tasks kind of busy, but the fun busy. That's the kind of busy that takes me through the work week. 

Last weekend we took the new RV out for a trip. We went to our favorite state park 45 minutes down Highway 55. Because it is rare that the five of us (six if we count the dog...she loves camping) are all together for a getaway it made Mother's  Day weekend super sweet. The girls came and went over the weekend...when we reached five total the good times rolled! 

On Friday we celebrated the end of M's student teaching. We had some pub snacks and vodka tonics while lounging in camp chairs. 
Next was dinner. We made semi homemade pizza and salad 

Since we'd all worked hard all week, we closed down the campfire at 10pm to crawl into bed 
M and D broke in the sofa bed for the first time. There was a fimiliar childhood giggle fest that went on. It was a sound that was regular when they shared a bedroom, many moons ago. 

Saturday Princess A joined us. We started the day with a short sandy trail hike and bank fishing...
then it was off to visit a newer winery and craft brewery--St. Francois Winery and Ale House. It took us an instant to fall in love with the place. 
With it being race day the owner's served up mint juleps. And yes, by the time we parted ways--two bottles of wine (one white, one rose), beer flight and a mint was tipsy! Hell, it was my weekend.

Back at the camp site Princess A and M did a little yoga...
D and I played games...
we grilled steaks, drank the third bottle of wine we bought and made another camp fire. 

Sunday I woke to a mug of hot tea...
and a big breakfast that I didn't cook, for a change. It was all served al fresco. The way all camp beverages and meals, in glorious weather, should be served. 

After breakfast it was hugs and kisses for D as she headed back to campus for finals week. Then the four of us went on a hike.

My heart was full! 

You know what? My heart will be full again this weekend. We will all be together again for an evening of big celebration. 

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Lin said...

What a GREAT weekend! LOVE the new digs!!