Sunday, February 12, 2017

Salt Pod Got Me Like

My co-worker came to work post her salt pod float raving about it. I decided it was what I wanted for Valentine's Day. I booked myself a 90 minute float. Not that V-Day requires was basically an excuse to spend $50 and eased any guilt I might have felt for splurging on myself.

I talked M into joining in on the experience. I floated in room one and she in room two. For an hour and a half I relaxed. It was the deepest meditative state my body has ever experienced. I wish I'd fallen asleep the entire time. I started out in the dark with the soft space age music softly playing before going with total silence. My body stretched out like a star fish, my head resting on a pool noodle, comfortably enclosed in the salt water pod...feeling like I was floating in space. I really really felt like I was floating in space. Until some salt got in my eye. I had to jump up to grab a towel to dab my eye as the burning sensation grabbed hold. Then I returned to my pod. M said the same thing happened to her, except she crawled out of her pod like the swamp thing blindly feeling for the shower for a an eye wash. After 90 minute of infusing my body with magnesium and relaxation the pod spoke to me...something like my time was now up, exit the pod to shower, and that it would begin to empty shortly--the water. 

Will I float again? Yes! My skin felt like silk and I was rejuvenated. 

Will M? She said probably not. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Go Ahead Mother Nature, Keep On Teasing

Do you ever have one of those days? Or two? Of course you have. We all have! The last two days had me crawling on my hands and knees to Friday at 3:30pm. 

Last Sunday the weather was glorious! Mother Nature kind of laughed in the groundhog's face and his call of six more weeks of winter gracing us with a 71* day. King Ralph, D and I headed out to walk a new (to us) trail. We even took our pouch along. It was exactly what we all needed! February, for me, is notorious for a heavy load of defiant students. King Ralph is dealing with work nonsense. While D is college senior stressed. There is something about fresh air that is so healing to the mind and soul.

By Wednesday Mother Nature laughed again and dropped an hour of snow flurries from the sky. Thursday it was bone ass cold. I ran a heater under my desk at work all day to fight off hypothermia. 

This weekend we are back to the spring weather. Friday I came home shed my closed toe shoes for Birkenstocks. Made myself a couple of grapefruit martinis and sat on the deck. I felt the nonsense of the last two days melt away. And Saturday. Woooo! I got something exciting planned. Can't wait to share the experience!