Friday, May 27, 2016


One of my favorite things about driving along the highway to a rural camping location, in Missouri is, the tree packed hillsides and the bluffs. Right now the trees are so lush,  green and tightly leaves me wondering were the tree line ends. God's untouched earthly gift. Nature. 

I love when the hillsides look layered and multi-colored up ahead. Just like the mountains of the West look. There is a peacefulness and calm to the beauty. 

I love how the car ride gives us time to unwind after a full day of work. D is reading (about Poland...her countdown clock is ticking). M is singing Luke Bryant's "Do I." I'm (or was) doing arm exercises with a three pound weight. King Ralph is doing what only he does best--captaining our vessel. 

Hello three-day weekend! I'm so glad we can enjoy each other's company!! 

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