Sunday, January 31, 2016

Good Riddens January

started last week on a slow pace--home and work. It was nice!  

Last Sunday we road tripped to see the SEMO Opera. D had a lead role. The journey to the stage was a rough one for the musically gifted and passionate young adults. As tough a journey as it was for them, they bounded as a family and lifted each other when needed. Their friend who's life ended too soon; her family was in the audience supporting the opera--because it was something their child was passionate about. An opera performance dedicated to their dear friend, a performance recognized with deep sadness, sorrow, and yet joy by her family. Yes, there was tears--by many. 

As we've done for every performance of D's life, there was a bouquet of flowers.
For the first time in her college career she had the support of both her big sisters. 

By the time the week came to a close I was completely exhausted from work. I had two days straight of forms, file folders and letters--too much non-sense! So I came home, kicked off my shoes, poured a nice glass of Cabernet, struck a fire and had some deep chair time! 

I say farewell to January and hello to February! I'm counting down to things like Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day and President's Day...a paid day off is so worthy of a count down! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Fan Club

I believe it was my second year into my middle school employment that I began referring to the century old maroon chairs by my desk as, "fan club" seating. It just made the demise of waiting to see the principal less depressing. Like maybe, somehow, something good could come from the dreaded fate awaiting the poor souls. 

The "fan club" has a few fine print rules: 
1. You never discuss with anyone why you're sitting in a fan club seat 
2. You never ask someone why they've been sent to the fan club seating
3. You never tell anyone your final outcome post principal meeting
I believe strongly in not fostering gossip in the hallways, were stories can so easily be miss construed. The goal: complete anonymity. Protect the privacy of all "fan club" members! Lessen the likelihood of new members. 

Today the fan club became more literal than figurative. 

While the winter was nothing short of glorious outside (55*, blue skies, sunshine), inside it felt like 1,100*. My wardrobe selection of a sweater, skater style skirt and boots left me questioning my sanity. I was literally on the verge of heat stroke. I looked around to see if the devil was sitting in a maroon chair. I traded hot tea for jugs of iced water and open windows. The attempt was to bring my body temperature from--swimming in the magma of earths core to just standing on the equator. When water and windows failed me, I stole a fan from the counselor's office. Thus making my "fan club" a genuine "fan club."

And the seats were in high demand today! 

To all those begging for membership will be under deep scrutiny--tomorrow is Friday, after all! 
P.S Will the owner of the green coat please claim before I give it away! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let It Snow

Yesterday I had devised a plan to wear blue jeans on a Wednesday. The library is promoting All For Books. For a donation you can dress as your favorite book character. My master mind genius scheme was to dress as Carmen from Sisterhhod of the Traveling Pants, as a way to defy that "jeans on Friday only" rule. Who doesn't love magic jeans?! 

Then it had to go and snow. 

Snow day!

If I was doubtful that our new messenger service wasn't telling me the truth, I got a text at 4:51am, a recorded voice message at 4:55am and an email with an attachment of the voice message when I opened my work email. I like a system that covers all it's bases. And I laugh!  

If you're my Snapchat "friend" you got to enjoy my story today. If you aren't snapping with me, here's my day--snap style.
When I say "we" I use the term lightly. I shoveled 75% of driveway while King Ralph cleaned and warmed the truck. He was my chauffeur after all. When our schedules are in sync we carpool on snowy days. 
Apparently I was the only office girl strong enough to take on the two and a half inches of snow. Oh ya, I wore those magic jeans anyway.
All alone in the office is my favorite way to work. I showered, brushed my unwashed hair, and put on as little make-up as possible, to look somewhat alive, for all those people who would never see me. 
After piddling around the office doing mail, I booted up my computer and added a little note to my Google screen. 
Then it was time to get to comfort.  You should know I did A LOT of work today! I attribute the comfort of my feet to my ability to crank out the work. (Focus on the fancy feet, not my snack stash!) 
I did break to brew some hot tea. 
When I got home M, who enjoyed the luxury of the snow day, went outside in the cold snowy yard to be goofy. It wasn't snowman snow, so this is our version of playing in the snow. We are geeks. What can I say?!

Tomorrow it is back to routine life. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Breaking Back Into Real Life

I know folks who have conventional work schedules loathe hearing those of us with a few perks moan about how difficult waking has been. That's exactly what last week's waking was--difficult! It's so easy to get out of practice with routine. I start my breaks rising at my usual time, and as the break goes on my nights get longer and my mornings start later. When routine beckons once again, the 5am alarm clock feels like a cruel joke. There isn't  enough lattes or Earl Grey tea to revive me at my desk. 

As the new year (and semester) sprung into action; I was not alone this time in the re-emergence of educational employment. You see, my M started her student teaching at the high school. Those 8am classes every college kid dreads...well, they suddenly don't seem so bad! Both M and I came home dragging, wishing coffee at 2pm was an option for our bodies. We slid into Friday with a feeling of great accomplishment...not so much the work we completed on the job, but that we managed to stay awake on the job. 

Here I am ready to roll into another week. A feeling that January is already on the fast track--when the same kids visit my desk first week back, it somehow feels like Groundhog Day--perplexes me. I'm afraid to blink, because as soon as I do D will be on the road back to college. That day is Tuesday. 

While I lay here wondering what to wear to work...will the outside arctic temperatures make the office seem as if it sits on the equator or will will the arctic temperatures make it feel like the South's a constant battle we fight. Actually, as I lay here I feel like I'll close my eyes and wake to the month of May.