Thursday, May 16, 2013

Then they walked out the doors...

"When all's said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it's not so much which road you take, as how you take it."

Road traveled by way of Lawrence University. Road traveled by way of Missouri State. Road traveled by way of Southeast Missouri State. Road traveled by way of William Woods University.

And, will remain friends!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams! Live the Life You've imagined.

Tomorrow my D will walk out the doors of Lindbergh High School and her life will take her on a new journey. So I write to her with love and pride in my heart.


As this chapter of your life is about to come to a close and you embark upon the next great chapter of your life—college—it seems only fitting to reflect a bit…with a joyful heart.
You came into this world a wee bit before expected with haste and a challenge.  Your strength to persevere started the moment you struggled to take those first breathes of life and has continued.  Although you have tested the waters of every ounce of patience I possess—I came to see clearly that was your way of showing that you wanted to come out on the top of every adventure you tried your hand to.  That the bar you set for self achievement was above what others expected of you—always the consummate (over) achiever. 

Like all those with fire in their soul; bumps and disappoints along the way were no stranger to you.  You were blessed to, and chose too, surround yourself with people who taught you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, never blowing sunshine up you tail and to carry on.  Whether it was dad teaching you to ride your two-wheel bike—with every crash to the concrete or wobbling jumps to the grassy easement, you took to the task over and over, slapped a band-aid on the scuffed knees and elbows and persevered till perfect balance was acquired.   Of late it has been Mr. Hutson who has insisted that the marking of one judge should never be the mark of your overall talent—to just warm up those God given vocal cords and sing, sing, sing! All the while I stood close by cheering you on…your best cheerleader, your believer!
I knew you were destined for all things musical as you rode through the grocery store at age three singing Peter, Paul and Mary’s Lemon Tree for all the shoppers to hear.  I knew the moment you starred as Scrooge, bellowing out song in the fifth grade Christmas musical. I knew it when you played the piano.  I loved when you mastered playing the Charlie Brown theme song, or my favorite, the theme song from Pride and Prejudice.  Your musical gifts melt my heart (even if I bought you a piano with a headphone option for silent practice playing).  I should have known when Mr. Hutson named your seventh grade solo/ensemble quartet, “The Diva Quartet”, which garnered a one rating, that you were  good, even in middle school…so good it repeated itself in eighth grade.  Vocal music was calling your name.  I learned over the years to grit my teeth (and occasionally lose my patience) to your crabby self on recital and competition days, knowing it was your inner beast trying to fight the nerves and your personal high expectations.  I learned to accept if your nerves where to strung to allow me in the room to hear you perform—listening ever so contently with my ear pressed to the crack in the door. I’ll never forget your college audition day, the GPS talking us to the unknown, your dad frustrated as he drove in the wrong guided direction and you bellowing out a song in German in the back seat while a CD piped out the piano music at ten thousand decibels.  I guess I should have known that crazy moment would have offered you the confidence boost you needed and your acceptance into the School of Music. 

While this final year of high school has been [what you viewed] as the test to your self esteem and talent…from the part you were overlooked for in the school musical, to the two rating you received on your solo at Solo/Ensemble, never let those moments be the breaker to the many accolades you did receive.  You managed to show that you DO possess talent of great measure.   The trio you put together for solo/ensemble reaped a one rating and a Japanese song that quickly has become your “party trick.”  The State Thespian quartet earned a superior rating and took you to the state capitol to be honored—you my child are one of “MY Nine Favorite Things!”  On May 28, you will be draped in cords to show all your academic achievements and that is nothing to sneeze at either.  There are so many more moments of pride which outweigh the disappointments.
Demi, as you set out on a new journey life is sure to have more bumps along the way and sometimes it is hard to see past one’s own tear filled eyes to see all the light shining through the dark tunnel, but remember when moments in your future don’t seem to go as you hope—that stars shine only in the dark sky.  You my child are destined to be a star!  As you sang to me on Mother’s Day—you are “Never Far from Home.”

Pick the lyrics for your life and SING! Sing for all to hear.