Saturday, June 04, 2016

Rainy Saturday Leaves Me Melancholy For Last Weekend

I'm lying in bed listening to the rain. The rain has put a hamper on the much needed chore of grass mowing. Instead I lay here thinking about last Sunday and Monday. 

Last Sunday we woke in the camper. We woke with the hope that Mother Nature had calmed the shut-ins, so we could splash around in the East Fork of the Black River. We desired that sense of "summer kick off" that water immersion gives. Not the case. The number rating system for the water's flow was dropping, but not enough to be considered safe. Instead we hiked the 2.25 mile Shut-Ins Trail.
The hiking in the area is some of the best Missouri has to offer. The rugged terrain has a Colorado-esque feeling. 
As we traveled the trail we arrived at an area were the river was calm. We nibbled on snacks from our backpacks, absorbed the sun and had a foot swim. 
When we hit the trail again we were surprised to find ourselves standing at the foot of a waterfall. It seemed to pop out of nowhere. Beautiful! 
The mountain top views looking down the river was nothing short of awesome. 

By the time we finished hiking the shut-ins had finally opened. A sea of idle picnickers rushed toward to waters. We opted to hold off on the fun till Monday. Giving time for the eager crowd to thin out.

Sunday evening we attended one last ranger program: Tree-rific.  M and D needed the program to complete the Explorer patch program. As educators they refused to take any shortcuts, and prepared a short, detailed presentation...which included photos, like this find:
(a nest built in a low laying ground tree, making the egg vulnerable to prey). 

Then the big moment happened...the presentation of the patch! Proving, you are never too old to explore. 

Monday we hit the shut-Ins at 10:30am. The sun was blazing already...perfect to bronze the skin with a summer toned glow.  

Even though it is raining today...and I can't mow the grass...the weekend has fun activities! 

But first, caffeine! 

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Lin said...

I wanna wade in the shut-ins!!