Thursday, November 30, 2006

Random things that no one probably gives a shit to know, but I'm saying them anyway...

1. I watch the Angry Beavers in the morning, and I enjoy this silly cartoon quite a bit.

2. I have a thing about chairs not pushed back under the table.

3. I love Barry Manilow, yep I am a "Fanilow" (it was my first concert 8th grade front row floor at the Checkerdome--I just aged myself aaahhhh). I am enjoying listening to Barry sing to me "Because It's Christmas".

4. I've been known to tell my kids a white lie every now and then, like today (Kevin and I told Demi it cost $56 in parts to fix the dishwasher she broke on Tuesday, when really it just needed Kevin's fix it talent.)

5. I make (almost) all the same Christmas cookies my Grandma made so I feel like I am kid again celebrating the holiday in Chicago--the memories of childhood.

6. I want a digital meat thermometer for my Christmas gift from my husband. I am such a simple girl.

7. I am going to order an all Christmas trivia game called Tis' the Season on eBay.

8. Today is my brother's 36th birthday and my nephew's 28th birthday. Okay now I really feel old!!

9. I have been in my PJ's all day, because that is what one should do when a winter storm rolls in town. Quick Jodi get to the store for the ritual buying of bread and milk (dam didn't go now the kids will have to have water or grapefruit juice on there Fruit Loops)

10. My girls think because they watch America's Next Top Model that having a photo shoot in the icy back yard wearing a swim suit makes them somehow of sound mind (Kevin said "let'm they'll realize how stupid it is fast"), I call it absolutely insane!

11. So I've been told if you wear your PJ bottoms inside out to bed you are guarenteed a snowday when you wake...I will instruct all my family to reverse there bottoms tonight I want a rest from packing lunches at 530am.

12. Last night on PBS I watched the tribute to James Taylor and sang my heart out in the great room, all alone.

13. I never blog about Alee and her boyfriend even when I have something really funny I want to blog--maybe someday.

14. PMS means I get sick to my stomach, I have headaches and insomnia--is that PMS or perimenapausal? Crap I am getting old aren't I! Hell I'll debate it with myself again at 4am when I wake.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thank goodness each day starts anew, a fresh start from the day before.

Yesterday as I lay in bed waiting to grace the world I hear a crash from the kitchen. I assumed Demi managed to break a cereal bowl. Not so. It was Kevin's grandmother pedestal cake plate with the dome lid. It was on top of the refrigerator layered with fresh pumpkin bread that Demi desired for her morning fuel.

I spent the day with dust buster in hand capturing shards and slivers of glass.

Then come evening Demi managed to ignore me again and again and again when instructed to help Maddi empty the dish washer. When she finally walked into the kitchen she managed to fall on the dishwasher door breaking it.

Now I hope Kevin in all his fix it talent and tools will be able to resurrect my [new] dish washer. In the mean time he is mad beyond words!

It just hasn't been Demi's week (which turns into hasn't been my week)... And it is only Wednesday morning.

Tell me things will get better from here on out? Please! Or Demi will just have to stay in bed this morning.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

All the Christmas trees are up and twinkling--Great Room, rec room, kids bedrooms...

The lights are on the house--no wreaths on the windows yet--tomorrow, I promise.

Just a few presents left to purchase, and 70% of my gifts are wrapped (I ran out of tape or I would have kept on).

I think I may be classified as sick?

I got an unexpected bonus today, one of which I did NOT need! It was lunch and I was out buying gift cards when I thought aaahhhhh a Culver's butter burger would be tasty , so I treated myself to a [portion controlled] kids meal. Reaching into the bag after I drove away to find I had the wrong meal, so much for portion control it was an all out fat feast, I had the fully loaded double cheese butter burger with fries. I truly feel sorry for the poor bastard behind me who was starving for a man size meal and he got a kiddie portion of celluloid inducing goodness.

To that I say "tis the season!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Is it possible I ask to clone human and animal into one being? Well I believe these two lovely creatures were, that or it is a "Freaky Friday" on a georgous late November Monday.

I let the dog out for a quick potty break before heading out to the grocery store. Just like Demi, Uli wouldn't come when I called. When I chased Uli explaining that I needed to get to the store (I know I was talking to a puppy) she ran from me, just like Demi, and I could not catch her.

So I ask is it possible to clone human and animal into one being.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Much to be thankful for this year: my family, eye sight, raked up leaves--I however will put near the top of the list the fact that my mother-in-law and her husband exceeded there customary three hours of giving to holiday togetherness. For that I am thankful beyond an expression of words.

The turkey was--as usual--perfect. Brining the bird is the only way a turkey should be prepared--moist and juicy. My gravy--in my humble opinion--was fantastic, fresh thyme, oh yes that is my secret. Since the turkey was prepared "Eldon Brown" style it was only befitting that this years stuffing (prepared by George) was a recipe by Paula Dean. Thanks-giving to the Food Network!

As dinner ended and we were all stuffed to the gills wondering who would desire to tackle the dishes, Dan stood clinked his glass and made an announcement "this year Uncle Les will be doing the dishes"--we all laughed because Uncle Les is a quadriplegic. I suppose Dan was making a point that no one of sound body was up for the dishes. But like a good family does we all (well the women) waddled to the kitchen and knocked it out. A clean kitchen post feasting is a rather glorious feeling. While the men folded up the tables and made space in the great room for an evening of trivia, "The 80's Edition".

It wasn't until we had all begun consuming pie that Gee-Gee (great grandma) came to realize all the questions being asked were geared around the 1980's, that was about an hour in the rattling of the brains and even then her tired mind helped my (our) team little. My sister-in-law was knocking back the cranberry and vodka drinks while I hit the wine bottle and the kids were getting sauced on kiddie cocktails and shots of Ready-Whip. Once the party broke up the shopping ads came out and we serious "Black Friday" shoppers started to course out our plans of action.

It was almost like a cruel joke when Kevin's alarm went off at 5am on Friday so he could get to work because--crime knows no holiday. I too stumbled from the bed masked my under eye bags and headed out the door with all the other fools in the shopping frenzy mode.

Now it is just a matter of getting the Christmas trees up. Then it certainly will feel like Christmas is upon us.

Post note: next year serve up enemas between dinner and dessert.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I had one of those moments last Sunday when I thought my opinion was actually heard--turns out it wasn't.

Last Sunday when I went to pick Alee up from FIRE (HS youth group) our adorable female minister starting asking the kids how they felt about the new Crossover Worship service we have adopted [for late service]--I prefer to reference as rock-n-roll Sunday; a style of worship I will need to adjust to and learn to accept that change is sometimes a good thing for the youth seeking and searching. I decided this was the moment I wanted my voice to be heard, what better place than in God's house, right?

So I did.

I spoke loudly and proclaimed the flat bread they served for communion was HORRIBLE! I wanted to say "sucks" but I held my tongue, a delightfully honest teen gladly offered up the "sucks"--which was more acceptable somehow from a teen's mouth. I told of how it tastes like play dough, left me wanting to spit out the "body of Christ" into that stray napkin floating in my purse, I was chewing it still as the benediction was read and at that left me unfilled.

The subject of the communion host was bounced around in a positive discussion format; leaving me to think this morning as I rock-n-rolled in the name of God that I would receive my soul cleansing filling (usual) wafer. WRONG! It was that darn nasty play dough bread. So you know what I did...I took hold of the communion chalice with my hands helping to tip the red wine, the "blood of Christ" at a chugging angle offering myself a larger gulp to moisten and wash it down. Breathalyzer tests will be administered next Sunday at the door before exiting the church.

I'm thinking an intervention with the help of Martin Luther is in need here.

As I left church our adorable female minister grabbed me with a heart felt hug and whispered in my ear, "we are working on the bread, trust me, give us a little time".

I believe I even offered to bake bread-- which I have never done without the use of my very ignored bread maker I got for Christmas back in 1995. But for me to feel cleansed, fulfilled in the "body of Christ" I will learn!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Don't you wish as a mom the manuals we drew up for ourselves (in our imaginations of course) on how are how children would be in life would actually be how it was?

But it sure isn't; it is a journey beyond anyones greatest vision.

But with all the trials and tribulations it brings it is still without a doubt the best non-paying job in the whole wide world!

I love my girls and I love being a mom, even to teenagers!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Things I came to realize this week:

1. I had so many shoes I didn't need that purging them from my closest has the possibility of shoeing half of China.

2. Ordering a Happy Meal @ 3pm pretty much guarantees a hot hamburger and crispy fries.

3. Raking leaves all afternoon does not assure that an hour later I appeared to have done any hard labor at all.

4. Maddi taking a shower with her (new) contacts in pretty much is a bargain for an all night emotional break down--and a celebration when she wakes in the morning to find them lodged under her eyelids.

5. I have no problem telling Alee's boyfriend (in a truthful but fun cool mom manner) what my expectations are--no hickeys, no one handed bra back release and never cross the thresh hold of the doorway into her bedroom. All of which he respectfully abides by. Honestly, we like the boyfriend (a first at our house) very much--nice good kid!

6. Reading my nieces blog, that my nephew AF Cpt. Charley is flying around President Bush's entourage. A vote was taken at our house, we all miss Charley!

7. Three days of grayness can cause SAD, where I find great pleasure in flopping on the couch with an occasional nap or two or three.

8. I could care less anymore if I see another episode of this season's Survivor--I am burned out on reality TV (except America's Next Top Model and Project Runway)!

9. Watching the movie Da Vinci Code was as bad for me as trying to read the book.

10. If Alee bakes cupcakes for no particular reason I do not know when enough is enough--she is sabotaging my size 6 bottom. I ask, how many cupcakes is to many to eat in one sitting?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Little Chloe I witnessed her enter into this world, I just love her-- her big bucket head and her tiny tiny feet,my seven year old niece.

My sister called me today to say that Chloe entered her office last night and said "I miss Auntie" and then she cried. Sweet!

Well I miss Chloe too (and Carlin and Cade)!

XOXO Chlo-Yo, till our next slumber party. I promise I will have new stories to tell you and I will hold your hand in the dark room till you drift off.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Friday: Arrived to snow falling--never did stick to the ground but, brrrr it was cold!
Ate lunch at a fun little Mexican joint, a sort of hole in the wall place...yummy.
Played Scrabble with my sister, 7 yr old niece (difficult should be her middle name when playing games) and 9 year old nephew while sipping a French martini 1, 2, 3--whooooaaaaa Nellie that's enough now. My oldest niece and bother in law offered up word tips to his kids. My sister thought I had enough to drink that she could pull of "quib" as a valid word; quib as in-- my baby is sleeping in the "quib" upstairs. FYI SISTER, Elmer Fudd was not invited to the scrabble game.

Saturday: By a guilt laced invitation from my 7 year old niece I attended her tennis lesson--
she did fantastic! Saturday night the Red Wings game, where I refrained from any alcoholic beverages but indulged in the smorgasbord of food my brother in law ordered, he is a fabulous suite host if I may say so.

Sunday: Went to church with my sister to listen to her sing in the Sunday morning
worship rock band...I was impressed sister, you still got it (by the grace of god of course). Then we napped (I needed one badly as my 7 year old slumber party pal was, is an incessant sleep talker). Plane was awfully late taking off but picked up a good tail wind so we arrived only 3 minutes late. The woman next to me picked up the tail wind too, which increased the zzzzz's she produces while sleeping clothes pin anyone, that is what I wanted to attach to her nose to hush her up

And the thing my oldest niece-- who was not home when I left-- was burning to know...on cue, as usual I cried before the car left my sister's garage and again when we pulled up to the airport parking lot. I miss my sister already!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Imposter at large in Detroit...

I am headed to Detroit tomorrow to visit my sister. I can hardly wait, hardly contain my excitement!

I received an email that we will be attending the Red Wing hockey game on Saturday. Do you think they will be able to tell I am an imposter fan? Do you think I can pull off pretending that I am routing for there hockey team? They are the arch enemy to STL. Or do you think they will smell STL all over me and chase me from there sports arena, while throwing sodas and hot dogs? Let's just say thank God they aren't playing the Blues Saturday night!

If I post on Monday you know I pulled it off. If not send out the search party.