Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sweat Does A Kid Good

I started wondering yesterday how it is I survived elementary school.  How any of us survived school.  I'm not talking math class and spelling tests, I'm talking the days of non-air conditioned classrooms. How is it we are still here on this earth?  According the color coated weather chart that landed on my desk we lived our entire youths in the "red danger zone" and still managed outdoor recess.  I imagine way-back-when in the days before Doppler radar and all those other fancy weather person tools, it must have gotten be a hundred degrees and hotter with the heat index; no one feared us having a heat stroke on the playground.  Back-in-the-days we had a box fan, or two, that blew around hot air in the classroom and our teachers wore nylons with their skirts.  I remember we would get lectured about the possibilities of losing fingers and nose tip if we grabbed hold of the fan to talk into the moving blades just to hear our voices vibrate. We'd say the obvious to the fan blades: I'm HhhHoOoOOootTTttTTt.  We learned in the dark, not because we were learning to be owls, but because no lights meant a cooler classroom.  Going outside on sweltering days meant a chance to have air circulate around your glistening body while adjusting to sunlight.

Present day. Recess canceled.

I stood on the playground yesterday in 94* with 45% humidity, feels like 101* with my thunder thighs sweating, feeling like I wet my panties, my bra soaked wet, wondering why I couldn't seek refuge in the air-conditioned building waiting for the principal to cancel recess that was being conducted in the "red zone".  Society has come to learn that recess in this type of weather can only be conducted indoors with a/c or at the local community Olympic size swimming pool. 

While my body was a pool of sweat the feet were happy with jewels catching the sun.  Except with fashion comes pain--even in the world of stretching the flip flop dress code rule.   

See my wound? They require some break in time...but aren't the flops fabulous in that simplistic way?  I couldn't possibly shower in these beauties. No way!

Then today as I was prepared to sweat my arse off again...I heavily dusted in Shower to Shower powder from shoulders to knees with double layers of Secret anti-perspriant under each arm pit...what the hey outdoor recess was canceled.

I don't know, I think all the sweating I did in elementary school built character.  And, isn't that what schools are all about these days-- Character Education?


Lin said...

Seriously??! They cancelled recess??! Gees, kids are such babies now, aren't they??!

I remember sweating my arse off in grade school AND we went outside to sit in the grass to avoid the hot classroom. We were hot and we liked it. AND we talked into the fan while the teacher wasn't looking.

And have you noticed that dogs don't go outside all day either anymore. Dogs are freaking sitting INSIDE in the air conditioning nowadays. What is with that??!

Babies. The whole world is a big giant baby.

It's a good thing you've got those snappy "sandals" to survive it all, Jodi! ;)

JODI said...

Lin- Seriously, recess outside was canceled and I took 45 kids (2 classes) in one classroom to go crazy [but stay cool]. Kids aren't the babies, I think it's parents that whine that there out of shape, over weight kid is going to pass out and die from a little recess heat.

You know when I got home from that unair conditioned school I went home to an unair conditioned house. How 'bout that for building character!

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