Saturday, August 07, 2010


Yesterday was a happy day.  Not because I spent the afternoon floating in the pool bronzing my skin.  Not because there was no band practice to drive to at the crack of the summer's day's dawn.  Not because Mother Nature gave a break from the oppressive heat (well truth be that sure did add to the happy day).  Not because I have just made my auto insurance company a little bit wealthier.  Yesterday was a happy day because M got her driver's license! 

Now I am not sure it was an all out happy day for me or King Ralph since sending our kid out on the road solo means noshing at our fingers nails till our baby girl returns home safely.  Regardless we have been through this teen driver experience once never minimizes the parental stress.  We do hope that having our girls wait to drive till they are high school seniors, allowing the last portion of the developing brain to evolve--reasoning--helps them to be more responsible drivers.  We really are proponents of making the driving age 18.       

Since King Ralph's new life goal is to have more cars in front of our house than the frat boys next door...we have a little Honda we added to our stock.

So here's to you M, may you never roll a stop sign and may you always drive the speed limit. You too M can be the receiver of Dad's standard last words as you walk out the door--"be safe."

Yes, be safe.    



Lin said...

I thought it was just me who is freaking at the thought of another kid taking the wheel. We aren't so quick to get those licenses, but we do allow them to proceed if we feel they are ready, regardless of age. It is my kid, my car, so I'm not rushing to let them drive alone.

It is scary, still, to let my kids go in the car alone.

JODI said...

Lin- we let them preceed...with the permit...which they have a long time. I echo "my kid, my car" and add-- my dollars paying for the insurance.

Oh, and so far she has successfully made it to band practice and work (which happens to be on the HS campus).