Monday, August 16, 2010

Been Prank'd Band Geek Style

The moment of glory. The moment that thirty-two seniors had waited for.  Holding out, stuck it out, never throwing in the towel because of all those zero hour rehearsals, instead waiting four years for their turn to reek havoc.  Senior prank at band camp.

When Princess A was a senior I gave the kids the idea to fork the practice field.  Known as the largest band class of seniors in Flyers history they were fifty-four seniors strong that year contributing around a hundred forks per band kid.  Like burglars in the night they crept to the field in the darkness fashioning the plastic forks center field to read "08"--their graduation year. 

So here we are in our abode once again plotting pranks.

I had heard rumbles of this and that but nothing concrete. There was chatter about putting clubs on the gators steering wheels.  There was babble of an intricate web design of duct tape on the directors' cabin door.  There was jabber of gator sabotage once again, this time the talk was wrapping the gator in Saran Wrap.  In the end...the prank played out nicely.  First they decorated the field with everyone's water jugs, assembling them to spell out "NX-211" (the number on the side of Charles Lindbergh's plane, hence Lindbergh High School).  That was the opening picture of their freshman year competition show "Flight".  Next they decorated the drum major stand with signs and copies of the head director's face.  They couldn't stop with his face plastered in just one spot they dusted the entire camp with his mug.  Phase two.  They woke all the directors by standing in the hall of their cabin playing the fight song.  Thankfully they stumbled out to greet them with chuckles.  The big finale. They then returned some time later rousing them to the outdoors where they stood at attention in a block formation and pelted them with water balloons.  Thankfully the directors are young enough to remember the joys of pulling off a senior prank...not to mention when the temperature is still just below 100* at 2am water sprinklings is a welcome cool down.  When the head director got to the field with the band in the morning he got all sentimental at seeing the "NX-211" on the field.  He then asked the seniors to go stand on their mark from the opener of that show.  Crazy but everyone of those seniors knew exactly were to stand.  I suppose that was his way of saying when a year ends, you have played the show enough to gag yourself and you are happy that marching band is over for the season; it really does leave its ever lasting mark on your memory.

So as hot, tired and crabby as the 234 marching band teens returned home to their parents after four days of intense practice in sweltering record heat.... thirty-two hot, tired and crabby seniors returned home feeling like the all time prank champions of LHS marching band seniors.

Thus begins the beginning of an end.         


Lin said...

Oh, man, that is sad. It's the beginning of the end. Senior year is melancholy---the. whole. year.

I wish your Senior the best! May it be filled with FUN and great memories.

JODI said...

Lin- I feel better prepared for the beginning of the end...being that it's mysecond time around at this. Still, the baby growing up is sometimes a lump in the throat.

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