Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Senior and a Sophomore

D just walked upstairs and we had this brief conversation

D- Can you see my bra straps

Me- No I can see the straps of your tank top.

D- Whatever I don't care, this is like the stupidest day. Summer is over! 

That's right D it's here, the first day of school.  A day that always has an eve of stress.  Years ago it was gummed reinforcers not filled from the school list that sent D into a frazzled mess.  Present day stress caused by the mysterious location of the black nail polish.  Yep you heard me right, D finally likes her toes painted.  She fought the mark of femininity practically her whole life and now... she likes only black for its high fashion mark not to confused as a mark of goth.  Like every year, I manage to calm the rippled waters.  Toes painted. Then it was a runway of hair style options.  Aaaaaahhhh! Just get to bed.

M's eve stress is limited to foot wear since her fashion choice is once again dictated by her role as she dons a Link Crew Leader T-shirt.  So what could stress my M--four inch wedges or flat jeweled sandals?  Uh, flats go much-much better with your newly acquired parking pass.

6am I hear movement in my bathroom.  No, it can't be, stop this day of what will become long scheduled early risings!  Unfortunately there is no stopping it.  Eye shadows and pink blushes dust in the air, hair spray fumes suffocate and brown sacks stuffed with yummies line the kitchen counter.  The outside temperature is a sentiment of Jesus loves us; as the weather is reported to be a glorious 82* at noon with lower than usual humidity.    

And the camera.

Yes sirree the always coveted First Day of School picture.     

A senior and a sophomore. (Or looking at the picture a sophomore and a senior) 


Margie M. said...

My kids have long since left high school, but your post brought back vivid memories of those days! Thanks for the trip back in time for me.

Lin said...

Oh, the love/hate of the first day of school. As much as I always loved seeing the friends again, I sure did hate that alarm clock. ugh.

Here's to a great year!

JODI said...

Margie- you have the "grands" to trip you back in time. Maybe not in highschool but they'll get there inthe blink of an eye.

Lin- I think in a few weeks the alarm will be small potatoes to the mountains of homework that will be building.

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Good lookin girls you've got there! SO glad I'll never have to endure the first day of school again!

JODI said...

Nellie- Aaahhh it's not that bad and I say that from continued experience--for both the girls and me :-)

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