Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Somebody, Quick, Turn Back Time

This is it, officially the last week of summer break.  Sigh. Next Tuesday I will be posting a picture of M & D as they head off for a new school year; for M her final year of high school, for D a move up the "food chain".  For me the last year in my building before its transition back to a middle school--twenty-five years as an elementary school comes to an end.  So today we are all waking early making our own transitions.  As wonderful as staying awake till 130am watching old black and white movies is...real life beckons to rear its ugly face once again.  Alarms will awaken at 515am, while lunches will need to be packed and pencils sharpened.  All the absences that made summer break so enjoyable are ending.  Resurfacing will be those famous Avery Sister fashion fights: she's wearing my socks, I didn't say you could wear that shirt, hey those are my sandals take'm off...oh gosh I can hardly wait.  Not!  Till then we have last minute summer reading requirements that are in the crunch mode--for a seventeen-year old Madame Bovary lacks that grasp-ya.

In the mean time I have been getting in last minute appointments. M tried again, to no avail, to find a cure for her vision condition.  Now we just sit back and watch her eyes slowly change till the inevitable of another surgery.  No time frame was given, and I didn't care to ask, just left knowing one day she'll be under the knife again.  However in the possibilities of health issues I dare not complain.  Her life is full and rich despite.

Friday Princess A and I will be off to explore her new university choice through an orientation.  She's at peace with her decision to make the transfer and of course when I paid her tuition I felt my wallet sing a Pink Floyd tune.  Okay so we don't have enough money left to buy a football team but there is cash left for maybe a two star [not a four star] dream.  However it's not about how much money King Ralph and I are saving, it is about Princess A finding happiness in her journey through higher education; coming to a place where she feels undistracted and satisfied with her level of intelligence.  I know she will be thrilled to not be sick all time.  When she was away at school she spent more time in the health center seeking cures than she went to the pediatrician in her early years.  The Dayquil/Nyquil profits will take a hit with our Princess A healthily  residing at home.

All this realization of what is about to start all over again means one thing...three more days to bronze my skin.

Good-bye blog, hello pool.


Lin said...

I feel your wallet pain as Col heads off to UIS (Univ. of Il Springfield). I'm gasping at watching our "college fund" dwindle and the stock market isn't helping us much on that front. Sigh. I guess it's inevitable that he will have loans. But like you, I want him to succeed at a school that he really wants to be at. I wish your daughter luck and good health this year. :)

Sorry you have to go back to reality, pally. This working all year stinks, but at least it isn't horrendously painful to return after a summer off. Ixnay on the andals say, pally. :(

JODI said...

Lin- College fund. Hell that dwindles for us just looking at the envelope when it comes in the mail.

You know what going back to work means for me? Figuring out how to wear flip flops and not get caught.

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