Thursday, June 23, 2016

Crossing The Ocean

What: Demi and Hannah's Big Adventure 
When: Starts today! 
Where: Final destination Wroclaw, Poland...but first Rome 
Why: To teach English immersion through music at the American School of Wroclaw

That's about all I have to say about D's adventure. Only because I'm the kind of mom who believes this is her's to own, to share with others...and mine to be a financial contributor. I'm truly happy, like a giddy school girl, for the learning, teaching and growing experience that is hers. I'll follow the girls' blog and wish I could be them. 

See you at the end of the summer, D! Love you with all my heart!!

Side note: King Ralph's nerves are calming. His dad heart will grow in the absence of his baby girl.


Lin said...

I did the same thing...kept the stories for Emma to tell. We also did not go and visit her--we felt it was HER trip...HER adventure to experience.

It's hard to let them go so far away...but there is so much world out there for them to explore! I just didn't worry too much. There was no use. Instead, I would wait to hear of their tales of travel and experiences.

I wish the girls a GREAT trip! I would like a link to the blog if she is sharing. I promise, I won't tell anyone.

JODI said...

I'm watching Pride and Prejudice, realizing what I'll miss most about my D being gone for the summer is...the sound of her fingers on the piano keys. She will play the soundtrack from the movie for me--it makes my heart smile!