Sunday, June 05, 2016

When The King Leaves The Castle

Is it okay that I like when King Ralph goes out of town? Because I do! He's not gone out of town often, so when he is I take advantage of doing some things he has zero interest in. 

Before he scooted of town we had a date night--compliments of Princess A's, Prince Charming. King Ralph and I rocked out at the Boston 40th Anniversary Concert. I think a bottle of Geratol is on the counter of nearly every person who attended the concert. I guess we aren't in high school anymore...thought King Ralph as he flashed back to the last time he saw Boston in concert. 

Saturday Princess A, M and I went down to Forest Park to view an exhibit at the Missouri History Museum: The Little Black Dress. I loved it! We loved it! King Ralph would have hated it. He would have joined the other husband that sat in the main lobby, on the tan leather couch. So him out of town and the three of us enjoying everything LBD was girl perfect! 

After we ooo'ed and aahh'ed over some exquisite century old LBDs, we drove down to The Loop for lunch at Salt + Smoke BBQ and Bourbon. A day that started off with heavy rain turned into spectacular weather. We sat outside noshing on yummy foods, sipping craft beers and bourbon mules. 

On the way back to Princess A's house I spotted this fine display of product loyalty 
I really have no words for this! And Stag to boot! Sigh. 

I spent the evening home alone watching Redbox movies that King Ralph would have rather ate arsenic than watched--Carol and The Choice. 

Sunday I talked M into walking the 5.1 mile trail I love to get my steps in on. We decided to treat ourselves to a donut before we walked. The baker was stunned that anyone would want just one donut each. It's all about self control. We got to the car to ingest our fattening breakfast treat, opened the box and...
Mr. Donut Man tossed in some donut holes for free. This is just another reason to love the Ex Cop Donut Shop! Then it was off to exercise.

My favorite walking trail was lovelier than ever. The farm fields in the center of the trail are all booming with blossoming corn stalks. The trees are full and green and the wild flowers add bursts of color. The frogs sang and the wind blew at just the right moments. 

That's how I roll when the King leaves the castle for 36 hours.


Lin said...

Sweet! I Love your adventures and wish I was there to join in.

We've been to Salt and Smoke and LOVE it there. There are so many good restaurants down there!

JODI said...

Lin, I'd gladly drag you along on all our adventures!