Saturday, June 11, 2016

Heat Don't Scare Us...Until Sunday

The typical St. Louis summer weather kicked in for the weekend--HOT, and just in time for the start of my summer hall pass. The sun blazed all day while I scrubbed the inside of the house. I was sweating as much inside the house as I did when I took a 15 minute skin bronzing break. My floors are white sock worthy now! And my skin, slightly sun kissed. 

After dinner we packed in the car and headed to Forest Park's Art Hill glen, for the Shakespeare In The Park Festival. This year's production is--A Midsummer Night's Dream. When D was in high school and a member the Shakespeare Club she was in this play. Making it more fun to watch. 

The evening proved itself to be beautiful! D's college bestie came in town to join us. She spied the most fabulous spot...we could almost reach out and touch the stage from our blanket spot. The breeze was blowing, making the night perfect. Not only was the night perfect, but this year's production was hands down the best the festival has put on stage! It was rip-roaring hilarious. 

I took complete advantage of my summer hall pass status and slept in on Saturday till 9:40am. I was like a teenager sleeping a weekend morning away.

There was so much to get done. Burgers to make. Fixings to be sliced. Beans to bake. It was birthday celebration day. We celebrated my mother-in-law turning 75 years old. All the grandkids were there. No name of a missing "kid" on a sign in the picture. We sang...D took on the harmonizing, taking "Happy Birthday" to a level none of could compete with. 

On the seventh day we rested...because it was damn hot outside! 

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