Tuesday, June 07, 2016

I Am Ready!

Today at 3pm I start my summer hall pass. I can hardly contain my excitement! This school year was an easier year. The kid nonsense was down 34% over last school year and I chose to ignore all adult drama. Adult drama can make anyone feel ill. No one outside of my house is worth feeling ill from! Today I shall have an extra pep in my step--it's called joy!! 

Yesterday after work I prepared to begin centering my happy zone by taking King Ralph on my daily exercise walk. I wanted to mix it up by walking a different paved trail. We headed over to Jefferson Barracks Park to walk the Mississippi River Greenway Trail. 
Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day...worthy of a walk by the river. The deer and rabbit were out for walks too. The barges moved swiftly, as they floated down stream. The sky was blue with fluffy clouds. Everything about the late afternoon said--thanks for taking a walk outside! 

Then I broke my cocktails-on-Friday-and-Saturday-only rule and had two glasses of Merlot. My friend J and I made that rule when we started our get healthy kick. I'm down 18 pounds. 

Today there will not be wine after work. There will be walking. There will be plenty of joy. 

I'm ready people! Ready to get this day started...and over with! 

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