Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good-bye 2015, Here We Come 2016

Five years ago I was in CA for the Rose Parade, while at home tornados hit my community.

Three years ago it snowed. 

Two years ago I was in my swimsuit soaking up Caribbean sunshine in the middle of the ocean. 

Last year I was among family and friends shaking chocolate martinis and playing the Racing Horse game. 

This. Year. 

This year our sump pump is running on overtime and my community is affected by massive flooding . We have cousins trapped in their house that sits high on a hill, but surrounded by a moat. We have friends and co-workers held hostage in their homes by roads closed in every direction they turn.The water company has asked us to conserve water...and there's a stench of *^~+ in the air thanks to ten Olympic size pools worth of sewage that spilled into the river. My city is a large toilet bowl! Despite the most herendous traffic this city has experienced--road closures that weren't even an impact in the Flood of 93' matter how long it took us to drive a block or 5 miles, we feel blessed. 

Our festivities to ring in 2016 have been canceled by Mother Nature. We will cheer the New Year with a quiet at-home-celebration of Redbox movies, party hats and champagne, while feeling thankful for all we have. 

This year's resolution: be thankful. Simply, be thankful. An attainable resolution. Stop. Take a breath. Look around. Absord the smallest and biggest of blessings that touch life. Not to let closed roads blind the moments of thankfulness. 

Happy 2016!! 


Lin said...

Sometimes it is hard to see the positive in all that surrounds you, but I think you do a fine job of keeping it in perspective. I wish you and your family a healthy, happy and successful 2016.

For what it is worth--we did not experience the smell or flooding. There is dry land out there and I hope today brings more of it for those in the area. I hope the worst is behind you.

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