Saturday, December 05, 2015

It's All About the Fa-La-La-La

I've been fighting off the common cold since Black Friday. I'm doing a pretty darn good job, but my body doesn't lie--it's there still, trying to catch me with all its might. I continue, and will continue, to fight it off like a mad warrior! 

In the mean time my calendar is full. Tuesday was a road trip to SEMO for D's Christmas concert. This year's bonus is King Ralph's youngest sister road trips with us to hear her daughter sing too. With the cousins's university only 90 miles from home it affords us the luxury of being able to enjoy these moments. The moment this year was Handal's Messiah. 
Princess A ordered our tickets, and unbeknownst to us she ordered box seats. For just a brief moment we felt like royalty. That was until we sat down and realized we couldn't see a darn thing. So much for feeling royal.
Sometimes college kids don't give a hoot what they look like.  Take for instance: exhibit D. She performed with her hair swept back in a ponytail, and a head band. Maybe being the section leader means you've got nothing to prove when it comes to your hair? 

The thing I dread most about these musical road trips is getting home at midnight, and waking at 530am for work. I feel off all week, but in the end my child is worth the drag! 

Wednesday and Thursday was about fulfilling those Christmas lists. I shopped alone. With Princess A. Even King Ralph shopped with me--more like followed me around. 

Saturday was a good day! I felt accomplished. I did the usual laundry, dishes, vacuum, before heading into the city. Princess A has a project for the class she's taking, which required her to tour the Saint Louis Basilica (aka the New Cathedral). 
It is unbelievably georgous. We were strolling about the sactuary when the children's choir began to practice. Their voices were a choir of angels, and through the beauty of those voices you could feel the presence of God among us.

It's funny how you can live in a city for so long and never visit glad I finally ventured in beyond the sidewalks. Our guide, Larry was knowledgeable, thorough and had an incredible dry sense of humor. I'll spare you the details of the tour, leaving a yern inside you to want to visit. 

After the tour we headed to The Hill to a favorite sandwich shop--Gioia's (pronounced Joy-A's) for hot salami and roast beef. The day's weather had been kissed by God, allowing us to eat our lunch al fresco in December. Next we headed down the street to the Missouri Baking Co. for sweet treats.  We ended our afternoon in the city to return home to a yard that needed raking and Christmas lights to hang on the house. King Rslph and I rocked these chores like heavy metal rock stars.

Then it was off to the movies. 

Every year on the first Saturday in December you will find King Ralph and I at the movies for the "Canned Film Festival." It was almost ironic the we toured the Basilica and then saw the movie "Spotlight." The good German Lutheran in me was getting all up in the Catholic business--good and not so good. I think it's the stuff of "Spotlight" that has turned so many people away from organized religion. I do think this movie will get some statue nominations. 

Sunday was about annual holiday girl fun! We girls started our day with a champagne brunch at Casa de Reynosa, before heading out on a holiday house tour. We left all our men behind for the day, feeling zero guilt! Beware when we tour houses we give equal treatment to expressing our disgust and awe. Of the six houses we toured one left us all pondering how the hell the house made it on the tour. Someone forgot to tell that family that house tour equals clean house. 

There it is,another week of holiday fun for the books. 

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