Wednesday, December 16, 2015

There's A Dragon Living At My House

Casa de Reynosa seems to be all about M moving home and not so much about keeping our abode tidy. Well, I'm about tidy! No one else is. Frustrating! 

So imagine how dragon-ous I become when I leave for work with not a dish in the sink, but return home to a sink full of dishes. Or when I wake to a sink of dishes. I'm a fire breathing dragon! I've long given up on trying to convince King Ralph the bathtub's edge is not a place to hang his clothes. Instead I'm left not only picking up his clothes, but the girls sweatshirts and blankets off the couch. I tell myself, self wait till D gets home tomorrow! There a chance I could burn our house down if I can't control my dragon. I just want the dragon in me to be strung with a strand of Christmas lights and feel all cheery and merry. 

I'm tired! Physically tired. King Ralph has caught the bug that had me checked out last week. Difference between man and woman is--woman takes herself to the couch to not sleep, while man coughs and moans all night--in bed. My sleep is below minimum requirement. I've slicked my hair back into a ponytail for work today because I'm too tired to care (and because I was doing dishes at 5:55am). The outfit of all black may be a sign I feel slightly like the walking dead too. Don't worry though, I promised myself I'll smile at the trouble that graces my desk today. 

This my friends is what you can call hump day! Sigh. 


Lin said...

There is a simple cure to things left's called "bye-bye." I used to give everyone ONE warning. One. Warning. If they leave things out and I have to put them away, they will go "bye-bye." "What's that?" they'd ask. "What does 'bye-bye' mean?" Hmmmm...."I guess you will find out."

Then someone would falter, and their special something would go "bye-bye" and they would freak out. It's after they have lost a few things that everyone starts being a little more adept at picking up after themselves.

"bye-bye" can be light-hearted (things stashed in the attic to be returned later) or nasty (donated to Goodwill or tossed)--all depending on how frustrated you are.

Hang in there. I'm doing the same thing here.

JODI said...

I guess when all our dishes go "bye-bye", and they have nothing to eat on or with, they'll stop sticking piling them in the sink? LOL

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