Sunday, January 10, 2016

Breaking Back Into Real Life

I know folks who have conventional work schedules loathe hearing those of us with a few perks moan about how difficult waking has been. That's exactly what last week's waking was--difficult! It's so easy to get out of practice with routine. I start my breaks rising at my usual time, and as the break goes on my nights get longer and my mornings start later. When routine beckons once again, the 5am alarm clock feels like a cruel joke. There isn't  enough lattes or Earl Grey tea to revive me at my desk. 

As the new year (and semester) sprung into action; I was not alone this time in the re-emergence of educational employment. You see, my M started her student teaching at the high school. Those 8am classes every college kid dreads...well, they suddenly don't seem so bad! Both M and I came home dragging, wishing coffee at 2pm was an option for our bodies. We slid into Friday with a feeling of great accomplishment...not so much the work we completed on the job, but that we managed to stay awake on the job. 

Here I am ready to roll into another week. A feeling that January is already on the fast track--when the same kids visit my desk first week back, it somehow feels like Groundhog Day--perplexes me. I'm afraid to blink, because as soon as I do D will be on the road back to college. That day is Tuesday. 

While I lay here wondering what to wear to work...will the outside arctic temperatures make the office seem as if it sits on the equator or will will the arctic temperatures make it feel like the South's a constant battle we fight. Actually, as I lay here I feel like I'll close my eyes and wake to the month of May. 


Lin said...

I'll give you a mulligan...I remember those days of having weeks off around the holidays and in the summer. Oh, how I dread the upcoming routine! Ugh.

Are you counting the days until the next break? ;)

My mom (she always worked in the school district) actually asked why I had to pay for health insurance at work. Yeah, working in the schools has its perks.

JODI said...

Lin, counting to Monday. MLK thought Monday off next week was was a good idea. So do I! I plot my course of survival by the next break.

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