Saturday, December 19, 2015

Main Street Happy Christmas Fun

While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I do love Christmas! I can do without the stresses that come with--shopping, wrapping, baking. However, who doesn't love bright lights strung everywhere, pine scent filling the air, and carols? I love it all! 

D got home Thursday evening, a day later than originally planned, making Friday an evening of much needed fun for her. King Ralph, D and I headed into St. Charles for the Christmas Festival--a holiday tradition we've never enjoyed. Our weather had a break in the unseasonably warm temperatures, offering a winteresque chill in the air that was just the perfect touch to setting the mood. The three of us unearthed our winter coats for the first time of the season (score! I had $10 hiding in my pocket), wrapped scarves around our necks and boots on our feet. We strolled the cobblestone streets and sidewalks while groups of carolers could be heard up and down Main Street. 
All the adorable boutiques, restaurants and pubs were dressed in pine garlands and strings of white lights. Even the trash recepticals were topped with pine decoration. It was hard not to feel the spirit of Christmas. 

Along Main Street you will find folk in'll find Santas from around the world.
D's good college friend, now a high school music teacher, is spending her winter break reprising her role as St. Lucia...or St. Lucy, as her character said Nebraskans refer to her .
(poor St. Lucy's candle crown was one candle up strong that night)

We partook in the fun eliminate that has youngsters scrambling from character to character--collecting trading cards.
"Hey" says King Ralph, when we got home, "that's really a picture of Vicky!"

We had to stop for a photo opt at those usual wood boards promoting the moment.
There's a Gingerbread Village where you can cast your vote for the "People Choice" award. This is the gingerbread house that got our votes.
There are also carriages filling the streets. Rides are only $5 a person.

Then we made way into an Irish pub for some fish n chips, shepard's pie and winter ales. We toasted to Christmas and commented that we'd return next year. 

Then we headed home and bid all a Happy Christmas! 


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