Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glinda Wears Chucks

I'll be heading to the store soon to pick up a few cases of Vess orange and lemon-lime soda--my Halloween trick-r-treat give away.  I'll also be brushing up on current dumb jokes so I am not so stumped when kids start trading the tricks for my treat.  In St. Louis you just don't ring the doorbell, scream trick-r-treat, hold out the candy bag and collect the loot. Nope in St. Louis folks like to make the kids work for the treat...we want tricks!  Jokes count as a trick. Actually it may be the only trick because I haven't seen any kids preforming magic or circus feats on my front porch.  There isn't much risk of liability is a dumb joke.

While the kids in the neighborhood are at home trying to devise plans to stump ole' Keeper, I spent yesterday having a bit of Halloween fun myself.  Every year the office gets a themed makeover.  Like elves in the night we all contribute what time we have available in our after work schedules to help make the transformation happen.  Some more than others, some not none at all.  Two of our gals worked transforming to the late hours.  It is always fun the next day to see the children's faces as they gaze in amazement at our creativity as they parade through.

We've had some great themes in the past.  My favorite was 2007.  It's just fun being an adult with permission to have kid fun. This marks the end of a long rein of Halloween office fun.  The elementary school will be making a transformation of its own, to a middle school next school year--the curtain comes down.  

And. So. I present, for the final time, the office: Halloween style.

Welcome to Oz.

By the time the day was over Glinda the Good Witch of the North was glad she wore her yellow polka dot Chucks... 
before making a quick thirty minute transformation into regular mom honoring the Seniors; my girlie at Senior Night.  Regular Mom wears black boots and a nanook.

Now it's time to carve the pumpkin, dig out the spooky mood music and place the tomb stones in the yard...

Happy Halloween!


Lin said...

Oh, how sad that you won't be decorating anymore! :( Well, kinda. I'd dread the work, but the results are FAB!

Loved the Senior Night photos! Bittersweet.

JODI said...

Lin- All that fun-fab work for just one day. We tear it down the next day...we always hope the fire marshall won't show up to see all that paper on the walls. Maybe next year, our new places, will want to have this same kind of fun.

Senior Night weather was kind to us...Alee's night it poured rain.

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