Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nearing The End of an Era

For seven years King Ralph and I have sat quiet on the bleachers--sweating and freezing--watching marching band field shows at half time and at competitions. It started with Princess A tooting her flute out there on the field.  Trying to keep our eyes on Princess A in a mass of nearly 200 like looking friends, as if we were playing the shell game on the jumbo tron at the ball park, had its challenge.  Then came M. She joined the club spinning her flags, saber and rifle-- which was so much easier to keep the proud eyes on.

Last night the era of competitions came to its end.  The final competition in which I can take claim to having a kid of my own out there doing it for the team.  I was a bit ferklempted...okay a lot ferklempted.  I was never emotional when Princess A performed her final competition, maybe because I knew it wasn't "the end."  But my M, she drew out from me emotions that I must have been tucking away.  Saving for the end?  Whatever the reason my eyeballs floated in a well of water.  Especially when the rose swing flags separate.

Corny?  Parental pride?  Whatever you call it, call it from the heart.

I present to you for your viewing pleasure a third place finish, with a score of 82.45 at Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival. The competition was incredible in the Gold Division, third place is taken with pride. The kids had a couple of phasing issues and a dynamic problem in the second tune...there was that one flag drop, but they all brought their game and rocked the house. Heck we are proud!

Thanks Princess A, thanks M for finding where you fit in at your high school, your nitch, giving us something to take up our time on the Fall weekends for the last seven years and watching you shine.

(side note: King Ralph may be issued a VIP (video in possession) for this recording.  So consider yourself watching a top secret video. hehehe)


Lin said...

WOW! I'm so impressed by the size of your band, their playing and COLORGUARD!!! They are incredible. Those flags---wow. Nice show. Sorry it is all over. I can't even begin to think how I will feel when I no longer am a band mom. :(

But on that note....does that mean no more bandwiches??? :)

JODI said...

Lin-Thanks!! Can you believe that the guard is a total of 18 girls? The swing flags really make them appear larger than they are.

Senior Night is Friday, I suppose I will ferklemted again.

Long live the bandwiches! Except I'll purchase mine from other sucker who gets to wake at 430am to create food. I guess I found the one thing not to get ferklempted over. :-)

lifeshighway said...

I came over from Lin's blog Duck and Wheel with String and was treated by this really great band video. Yes I was in color guard, and worked up the ranks of flag, to rifle and final saber. What I noticed is that the rifles not seems to be made of plastic because they were slinging those things around like they had no real weight. Thanks for the memories.

JODI said...

Highway- I am glad you enjoyed the kids field show. You may be surprised to know the rifles are solid wood. My M has had her share leg bruises from practice drops this year. I guess if they look light and plastic that is a compliment to the girls grace,elegance and skill.