Friday, April 01, 2016

Haters Gonna Hate

I have no shame in voicing to the world that my first concert was Barry Manilow. I was in the eighth grade. I sat first row floor at the Checkerdome; or as it later came to be known--The Arena. The Arena is long gone, blasted to dust in the 90's. I remember how fantastic Barry was then, a great entertainer.  I remember how I learned at that concert how many popular commercial jingles he wrote, and he sang a montage of them that night--bandaide brand, Alka-Seltzer....  Sitting so close I'm sure I could see Barry's sweat glisten. 

When I was junior in high school I saw Barry again. This time we sat in a box at The Arena. A group of us from high school all went. It was a good time. 

While I was eating lunch Thursday Princess A text me that her Prince Charming had two tickets to Barry's concert and did I want them? Of course I wanted them! I text King Ralph 
My friend and I laughed at his instant response, as we ate lunch. Then I said lets you and I go! She called her hubby who informed his lunch client that his wife was attending Barry's concert. The client replied in a low drag, "duuuude." LOL 

We returned to our desk to stream the greatest hits album for inspiration. 

Along with a venue of women, and the complaining guy next to my pal--"I can't believe you drug me here!"--we sang. 
And we sang more. 

All the while our husbands sent sarcastic text messages to us. 

I sensed jealousy! 

In our pre-concert excitement we forgot to check what level we parked on. There's nothing funnier than two gals roaming around in a packed parking garage looking for a car. Fear not, we located the ole' car without assistance or panic...and before the entire garage cleared out.

Friday we sang Barry songs to everyone in the office we cared and didn't care to listen. The young male counselor said stuff like, "only if Jodi promises not to sing and dance for me again." Seriously, "I Can't Smile Without You" is guidance office appropriate, if I do say so myself. 

So. Go ahead and hate if you must. J and I have no shame in proclaiming--we are #fanilows! 

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Lin said...

Barry Manilow is right up there with Neil Diamond....and I'll take them both. A nice evening of quality CLEAN entertainment....okay...I'm in the old folks right with you. He is a great entertainer--I would have gone (and sang) with you. Jealous. Tell THAT to the spouses.