Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What's Your Wish?

What's your wish? I've got so many, but they're simple...some probably selfish. Some people, mostly kids have timely wishes for reason many of us can't even begin to comprehend.

I've got a coworker, she couldn't be more different than me. I'm older than she is, but we're both mothers--our main focus. She has tattoos and a small nose piercing--I am not a fan of that stuff, but there's something about her that is so endearing. She is tough, yet truly loving. She is funny and thinks I am funny too. She's that Special Ed teacher that every special kid longs to have. She sees no one's race, she sees no one's in equities...what she sees is potential and possibility. Because she loves, because she believes. Her spirit is good! 

Her son suffers from a life threatening condition. She's never allowed his condition to become his crutch. She's taught him that these are the cards he's been dealt, pull up his bootstraps and make the best life he can make for himself. I respect her for that. More so because that is how I dealt with Princess A and M's visual conditions. This is who God made you. Work it!

My coworker spends many days and nights at the hospital. She still shows up to work thanks to a great support system. It was while her son was in the hospital this past Fall that I messaged her that she should fill out a Make-A-Wish application. Her reply was "he's not terminal." I told her wishes are granted to kids who's diseases are life threatening. When a disease is life threatening there is constant struggles...can't imagine that worry on a family's heart and mind--a child like that IS worthy of a wish. I then sent my coworker the link to the application. I pestered her about filling it out, till finally she brought it to me to fax. 

Fast forward to March when one great kid with a positive attitude got his wish granted. He spent three days feeling like and proclaiming himself the "king of swag." He met his favorite sport star. I got text messages for three days that had me smiling big and tears of joy filling my eyes (while I was at my desk). She claims it was all happening because of me. I told her it was happening because her son was worthy, and a fighter with a positive attitude. He doesn't complain when he misses the first day of school, class parties, holidays...when he can no longer play contact sports...because he's in the hospital or because his disease won't allow him the luxury. 

When my coworker returned from the exciting trip someone in the office commented "wouldn't everyone like to be [him] for three days!" My coworker replied, "except there's those other four days that you don't want to be [him]." So very true, sadly. 

This morning a group of us gathered in St. Louis's Forest Park for the Make-A-Wish Walk
and walked in "king of swag's" honor. I got this sweet letter a week before thanking me for my sponsorship donation. It made me smile!!
We all wore the same shirts proclaiming our support of one great kid! 
All the while pounding the pavement in hope that every child struggling with serious health issues can have their wish granted. 

Just like this kid!

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