Monday, March 28, 2016

Adventure In The South

After our Sunday stroll on the trails of the bird sanctuary we rode our bikes down to Fort Gaines. Fort Gaines is known for the Civil War's Battle of Mobile Bay. If you know Civil War history then you know that the historic quote "damn the torpedoes...full speed ahead" was said on August 4, 1864 by Admiral Farragut. The Union overtook the fort in a five day battle. 

Those who know us well know we love the outdoors and history equally. So we were excited to get our geek on. Since it was a rather chilly and blustery first day of Spring, the fort was the perfect vacation entertainment. 

(The anchor from Farragut's ship the USS Hartford) 

Lounging around on a beach can inhibit getting those Fitbit 10,000 plus steps in. Every night King Ralph and I walked down the beach, up and around the fort and back onto the bike trial. Every night I tried to envision what life must have been like in that fort in the 1800s. The deep darkness of night must have elevated fear in the soldiers. 

Riding our bikes is something we did everyday. Not just because it was a nice way to exercise, but because it was simply the best form of island transpiration. We rode our bikes to the Circle K in the evening to get a Redbox movie and we rode back in the morning to return the movie. Heck we once road to the liquor store for more bourbon to make Montana Mules. There's something about a copper mug of goodness while camping! 
(The liquor store even rents bikes) 

Since King Ralph is smart he made certain our Jim Beam was in a plastic bottle and would fit in his bike's water bottle holder; fastened securely by a bungee cord. 

These are things that make vacation! 

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