Sunday, April 17, 2016

Diva For the Day

I'll never forget D coming home in 5th grade telling us she got the lead in the Christmas musical. She played Scrooge. D refused to practice at home, so we really never heard her sing. Well we heard her sing, she'd been singing since she was three years old. She was known for singing Peter, Paul and Mary's Lemon Tree through the grocery store. But to say we heard her belt out a tune...well that would have been--never! It was the day of The Scrooge performance, D walked out on stage, exchanged some dialogue and then burst out in song. King Ralph and I turned to one another in awe. Who's child was that? That child was ours! That was where it all began. 

Needless to say D's been singing ever since. 

Sunday afternoon, after a semester of endless practices, and under the guidance of two wonderful professors, D hit the stage for her Junior Recital. She sang for an hour. She sang in Italian, French, Portuguese, German and English. She drew her audience in--transcending the emotional story of each song. Her first piece chocked me up. Her last selection had me giggling. D was relaxed, poised and beautiful--both in song and appearance. 

While she can put all her hard work of the recital behind her...there is still studying and learning to be had. There is also great adventures awaiting. 

No matter where in the world her talents take her, one thing is for sure...her family will always be there right by her side. Her biggest fans! 

Bravo, baby girl!  

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Lin said...

Hooray! I hope to hear her lovely voice some day.