Monday, April 04, 2016

My Guy Evokes Empathy

My little brother stopped by to see me at my desk today. It's always nice when his job brings him to my building, so we can poke fun and jab harmless insults at one another. We love each other like that.  He then informed me that our grandmother's roommate in the nursing home passed away. I've been a bad granddaughter and haven't called my grandmother in weeks. Her nursing home phone doesn't afford her the ability to dial long distance calls. It's up to us to call her, which I usually do once a week. 

I just told King Ralph that Lorraine passed away...this is how it went. 

Me: I was just texting the girls that my grandma's roommate Lorraine died. 

King Ralph: (standing, focused on the Blues game, staring at the TV, never letting eyes stray from the game...speaks in a monotone voice) Aaaaaahhhhh, that's a shame. She hated that roommate anyway. 

Me: Truth. Spoken with such compassion. 

From what I hear, turns out Lorraine wasn't so bad after all. The new roommate got the boot already. Phyllis is a favorite patient at Manor Care. If Phyllis ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. 

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Lin said...

Uh oh. I hope Phyllis can accommodate another roommate...or life may get really difficult for all.