Monday, February 24, 2014

"You Go Glen Coco!"

Lately my days have been filled with so many "friends" desk-side I have resorted to calling my four chairs club seating for my fans.  I actually tell students to have a seat in my fan club area.  They look at me with this queer sort of gleam before they get it. When I returned a text to my daughter telling her I had lots and lots of friends one day, she replied "you go Glen Coco."  So here I am thinking for the last week that my nickname could be Glen Coco, when today I discovered it is "bay-bee gurrrrl." Yes only in a middle school can you enter a classroom and have a student blurt out, "hey there, how's it going bay-bee gurrrrl?"  Snarl.  Bay-bee gurrrrl doesn't exactly having it going on lately.  (Except a few times last week when a glass of Pinot Noir eased my influx of "friends.")  Some kids are just too cool for school.

Working in a school means there is always that "one kid" that can turn a smile on a face, on even the worst of days.  Although today was far, far, far from being a bad day, that "one kid" for me not only made me smile, he made me giggle--in a happy kind-of-way.  This kid loves everything about weather.  I swear one day we may all see him on TV and I'll be saying I knew him when...  Last week I got a seven slide power point on the weeks severe I got an email  

 The Weather Service says we have the chance for significant snow SUNDAY NIGHT. Believe me, I am NOT looking forward to more snow, but I must be honest.

"There are model-to-model and run-to-run differences with
thermal profiles impacting Ptype with the later system, but this
one has the potential for significant amounts IF all stays on
SNOW!  Please let this weather prediction be an absolute hoax.  I truly can not take another flake.  I can't stomach pulling my snow boots on my feet, or putting a shovel in my hand.  I could however enjoy a quiet friendless day in the office while wearing my workout clothes.  Either way I adore that "one kid" to pieces.  Bad weather forecast or not.


When I got home from work I made it my mission to call a neighborhood trustee and voice my opinion.  Lucky for him he wasn't home so I left a gentle nasty gram voice message. 

Let me paint a picture for you.  The date is February 24.  Since, say, January 6, we've had several spring-like break out days.  The kind of days that had folks strip their homes for glistening colored lights and green wreaths.  I almost have to believe that some neighbors froze their tukhuses off striping the Christmas holidays off their homes. 

Not. Our. Subdivision. No!  It is a week from the start of the Lenten season and this is how I would give directions to my house....make a left at the hideous bell tower that is the subdivision entrance, oh ya, the one that has all the Christmas decorations adorning it.  Grrrrrr! Red jingle bells. Pine wreaths that light up at night.  Candy canes.  Really?!  Where is the lazy prick who hung that holiday cheer? 

So in my gentle nasty gram I offered up King Ralph and I to de-Christmas the hood. I sit here waiting to see if the trustee returns my call or sends the decorating committee to clean up. 

And that my friends is how bay-bee gurrrrl works it!


Lin said...

Um...I don't know who Glen Coco is....

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