Sunday, February 16, 2014

Puppy Love

D came home for 24 hours.  M is home and begged her sister to come home to hang with her.  While M gets to enjoy a President's Day holiday from classes, D does not and made the best of her time home before departing this afternoon.  D is completely fine with the lack of holiday because SEMO had four and a half days of canceled classes due to ice and snow.  Monday is college class catch-up day. 

There was no one living thing happier to see D than her puppy dog.  D squealed when she greeted Uli, and Uli rolled over to have her belly scratched.  They have been best pals since we gifted D with Uli for her 12th birthday.

This is how D and her best furry pal spent three hours of their day on Saturday.

 Puppy Love.


Lin said...

That's who you miss most when you are away at college---your animal friends. :) I'm sure Uli was glad to see her and vice versa.

JODI said...

Lin- I wish this cold winter would end so Uli could get a hair shave of her winter coat and then I could really love her again. ;-)