Sunday, February 09, 2014

Say No to Snow

Winter seems to have grip on us and I am tired of it!  I swear I am developing a case of SAD.  I feel like I have no oomph.  I feel lackluster. I just want to curl up under a blanket in the corner of the couch, looking at King Ralph holding fort in his leather recliner.  I feel like going to work is a huge chore.  I'm tired of freezing in the office, wearing my winter coat at my desk.  I feel I am pinned under the blanket of snow that, if it melts returns just as quickly.  A matter of fact it's snowing again.  Enough!  Enough I say!! 

That first big snow--the one that called off school for the first three days returning from the holiday/winter break--didn't seem so bad.  Well driving home from New Orleans through the storm seemed pretty bad, but the no school the next day, going to work in a quiet building, finishing up those loose ends that had been sitting on my desk since December 23, 2013, that didn't seem bad. 

Our sweet abode glistened in the 12 inches of snow
I made it to work despite the snow
I entertained myself at work by writing on the white board
With D still home on her college winter break she played in the snow after work with me...
We made snow angels
and built a big ole' snowman
The snow melts and returns
and school is called off.  Yet I still have to keep going in. 
Which causes me to have a bit of a temper tantrum...
until I calm down and reflect on the fact that on these days
 I can wear comfy work out clothes to the office.
 I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that I will have a few more days of workout wear to the office this winter.  In the meantime I will continue to hash mark my calendar to the day I get my summer hall pass again.   


Lin said...

At least you get snow days. In the world of corporate offices, you don't get snow days or "cold" get glares from those who show up every stinkin' day if you dare to call off or work from home.

And no work-out clothes. Nope. You gotta have dress clothes on with heels and jewelry--regardless that you may freeze to death wearing it.

I'm so tired of being cold. Just putting on your coat and gloves takes effort these days. I stay home in the evenings and on weekends because it's just too much effort to bundle up to go out.

This has gotta end someday, right?

JODI said...

Lin- You win! I can't compete with the rough harshness of the corporate world. ;-)

I predict this will end come early April. Sigh.