Friday, February 14, 2014

Day Interupted By Love

Valentine's Day.  The day King Ralph asked me to marry him twenty-seven years ago.  One of the best things I ever did in my life!  While he always gives me a sweet gift on this day, usually in a small box, I write him a love note--that has a romantic movie connotation. This year's note was a reflection on King's Ralph famous saying "I say black, you say white"...because he will never accept, no matter how many years we are married, that I'm usually the right one [in this relationship]. (excuse me while I giggle) We bicker like Al and Peg Bundy, and love.  A love that will live way past the test of time.

They didn't agree on much
In fact , they rarely agreed on everything
They fought all the time
and they challenged each other everyday
But, despite their differences,
They had one important thing in common
They were crazy about each
--The Notebook
Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

To top off this day of love King Ralph and I decided that we didn't want to fight all the young lovers in restaurants, opting to create a magnificent meal of love in our own kitchen...well me in the kitchen, King Ralph in the frigid-icy-outdoors grilling.

Biltmore Mansion Century Red Wine
Rum and Coke
Shrimp Cocktail
Morton's Steak House Salad
Sister Shubert's Rolls
Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin
Red Wine and Garlic Mushrooms
King Crab Legs w/ Clarified Butter
Bailey's Hazelnut Chocolate Martini
The happy-loving-couple was stuffed with food and love!


Lin said...

That looks better than any restaurant dinner! Happy engagement anniversary too. Isn't it amazing how your relationship works--no matter how wacky it may appear to others? Joe and I bicker too and there are folks who think I "pick" on him, while in reality, it is he who pushes my buttons to get a reaction out of me. Who cares what it appears to be---it WORKS--that is all that matters!

Here's to many, many more Valentine's days!

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