Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break Costa Altantica Style

Getting back into the swing of routine life is a bit difficult when you have had the Caribbean sun kissing your skin for seven glorious days. Somehow I drug through Monday and then crashed at 7pm, sleeping till 530am. I woke to a Tuesday weather report of warm air and sunshine--just what the doctor ordered.

Last Thursday as I laid on a pool lounger on deck 10 switching back and forth between my novel and watching dolphins chase each other and the ship…I was a far cry from the torrential road blinding rain storm we drove through almost a week before that brought me to that place; that place of tropical relaxation and tranquility. Sunshine has a way of doing that. So does boiling hot sand on Morning Star Beach in St. Thomas that sends all running, no matter age, to the crystal blue and turquoise water. As does a Spanish fort in San Juan and crashing waves on Cabbage Beach in Nassau.

The dining room was another story. All I will say is the hamburgers at the pool bar saved my life each day. Things like this: seafood pasta with a dwarfed octopus placed on top was most definitely an appetizer killer. Don’t even get me started on the turkey with giblet gravy! I give kudos to the asparagus flan and the snow crab quiche, but I don’t have a lot of praises for the chef of the Costa Atlantica when he puts red and green candied cherries in the baked Alaska. I love me some candied cherries, IN MY FRUIT CAKE AND HOLIDAY STOLLENS, not in my baked Alaska!

The girls had a good time being silly
All us girls

We had a great time on the ship dancing

Relaxing with a good book

Most of all...being together as a family

Because after all that is what a family vacation is all about. Enjoying being together.

Most of all thankful the girls all have cameras they remembered to capture our memories when I forgot mine (because D moved it from the packing spot).


thehappyhunt said...

Love it! Your spring break looks like it was awesome. Beautiful places & beautiful Avery's. :)

Lin said...

Hey! You didn't say anything about a luxury cruise for Spring Break!! Criminy--I was stuck at home working. Sheesh. Well, I'm glad you had such a great trip with your beautiful family. How nice to get away together!!! And those girls??? STUNNING!!

JODI said...

Lisa- If you can handle no showers and some serious sweat for a week you can come along with us this summer!

Lin- Wasn't reading that post so much more exciting not knowing in advance? You know what I lost on that cruise? My aversion to the man in a Speedo. An Italian cruise ship of Europeans in the Caribbeans for a week can do that, lol. Thanks for the compliment on the girls beauty, I must say--I agree!