Friday, March 05, 2010

Not Even A Bad Cold Can Stop the Show

We jacked D up on some DayQuil around 530pm so she could belt out musical tunes for her March concert in order to not be subjected to sniffling-sneezing-coughing-aching-stuffy-head adding hand to: so-you-can-sing. The miracle medicine! Then she shimmered her face with eye shadow, blush, lipstick and false lashes...then dressed.

Performance Costume Recipe

1 Sully from Monsters Inc.
1 Little Mermaid
1 Flamingo dancer
100 yards of velvet
50 yards of rhinestone
Generous sprinkle of glitter

Put all ingredients in blender on high.

This is what you get....the most hideous costumes ever known to the world of show choirs!However, despite the on going complaints from the girls of Limelight, the all female show choir, about the costumes, they put on a fabulous show last night! The song collection--a tribute to woman power.

I got in the auditorium early enough last night to get a good seat. A seat right behind the Band of Sisterhood known as old ladies with the worst cheap old lady perfume ever produced and salon styled hair that met teasing heights that should be illegal. Even the Limelight mom sitting next to me commented on how bad the old lady perfume was. It was bad! I decided not to crop my pictures so I can remember and reflect on how creative I was in my attempts to maneuver around the ten mile high hair and gallons of Aqua Net hairspray while holding my breath for an hour.

Regardless the jazz hands live on.


Lin said...

Ah, I love jazz hands! And yes, those are the worst costumes I have seen this season. What were they thinking??? Maybe the old ladies liked them??

JODI said...

Lin- the only answer anyone can ever come up with is that the director was pregnant at the time they were ordered. The girls were sized for new uniforms and then...serious budget cuts in the district. Guess pretty dancing and singing costumes didn't constitute--necessity.

thehappyhunt said...

I would have never known that Dem was under the weather at the concert. She was fabulous as usual!! You are kidding me--we're really NOT getting the new costumes for next year??? I'm afraid to tell Hannah...she will freak! can't the parents just pay for them??

JODI said...

Lisa- Break that news gently to Hannah! The costumes on the inexpensive side run around $140 and just the costumes I will feel the effects of the districts budget cuts.