Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hanging With Mr. Faleepo

Saturday night we were hanging out with Faleepo Head.

Faleepo is cool. He is friends with Tim Reynolds of the Dave Matthews Band and TR3 and St. Louis radio personality Dan Strauss of the Big550's Frank O. Pinion Show, among others. Faleepo once guest hosted on the show. He is totally down with the "AM in the PM".

Faleepo has been friends with Dan and Tim since the 70's. By the looks of his video debut (at the end of the video) he was hanging with dudes who were dabbling in some illegal activities. Then again don't most musician types have a sored past? That they video tape? Poor Faleepo seems to have been mistreated and kicked around a lot back then. Why he is still friends with these guys after all these years is a mystery to me. Faleepo believes himself to be so cool he even has his own Facebook page.

Faleepo graced us with his presence last night at Bill Clevlen's annual trivia night. He was pretty much a hallow head of a team player. He just kicked back, smoked a cigarette, drank a bottle of wine till he passed out and hammed it up with Ian the Peon (...or is it that Ian hammed it up with Faleepo?).

Our thought in inviting Faleepo was he would help us to retain our third place title again this year. He did not. Like I said, he was a hollow head of a table nine team mate but a score of 85 and fourth place ain't nothing to sneeze at.

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