Thursday, March 04, 2010

Curt Cobain, Or Sting

That time is creeping up--spring break. It is hard not to count the days down with the kids, and not just because we plan to hit the open road, but because everyone in the world of school does. No matter what your age.

Everyone who knows us well knows when we take to the road we have always entertain the girls with a "best of" album. Learning all the words to all the songs--a requirement. Because, for no other reason than music fills the soul...or in this case, the car. Who can complain when a teen can sing and appreciate everything from Patsy Cline and the Carpenter's to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jefferson Airplane?

So imagine the reaction from the crowd when I suggested Michael Jackson as a possible pick. "For the love of Jesus no Michael, please no mom" moans M. "Jesus loved Michael" I spit back at her. "Really mom, no!" chimes in D from the back seat of the car. "How 'bout Nirvana?" she asks. How 'bout it? Then at work the "young one" in the office begs me not to torture the girls in the Michael way. She comes back to work yesterday with her and her husband's suggestion of Sting. Hmmmm, that certainly would be a great front runner. Never done Sting before.

Still, why not Michael? Sure he was a twisted soul but he was a musical genius and a legend. Can't you just picture the beauty of the girls in the back seat swaying back and forth in a chorus of We are the World as we zip down Highway 55? No instead they want to remind King Ralph that the car Smells Like Teen Spirit as they strum their air guitars and beat their air drums.

Okay Cobain is a strong possibility. He too was a musical genius in his own twisted soul kind of way.

Then there is Sting. Sting & The Police, better yet. Then we can hear the girls sing the stalkers anthem of Every Breath You Take from the rear of the car. King Ralph could serenade me from behind the wheel with Be My Girl. While I won't reveal our destination I will say this, that Ain't No Sunshine will NOT be our weather song of the day (week) and the only way I will be able to get word to you all will be from a Message in a Bottle.

Okay seems Sting & The Police win! For good measure will let Cobain sing a few rounds as well. Maybe even let Michael pop in for a visit (just to torture the girls).

I like to play fair.

I shall commence with the CD burn.

Until we meet again...happy sunshining Thursday!


Lin said...

Oh, can I come along??? I absolutely LOVE Sting!! And I have their 4 CD police collection to share--you won't have to burn. Please!! Pleeeeasseeeee!

JODI said...

Lin- Would you want to come along not even knowing our final destination? What if we were talking one of our National Park vacations were we hiked and sponge bathed for a week. Would you still come with your 4 CD collection? Just asking ;-)