Friday, March 05, 2010

Cash is King and Sleep is Over Rated

Friday Midnight
Before I know it I will standing in a cafeteria with music blasting in my ears while my head trys to scream back, unsuccessfully, "turn it down" and a mass of people crank out 4000 subs. While I hone my counting skills double checking if the orders were filled correctly; I will think about Friday night's fun.


Trivia itself was rated W for weak but the team players rated G for great. Weakest trivia I have ever been to. Lowest turn out ever for Project Graduation trivia night. It was crazy how slow things went. The flower category sucked a big one! It was apparent we are not drinkers of to many mixed cocktails according to the drink who the heck drinks a greyhound? I thought the greyhound was 1. a form of mass transportation or 2. a dog who runs races. Not a cocktail! Odds are if I bellied up to a bar and told the bartender I wanted a greyhound he/she would look at me like I had two heads. I did however leave the evening $198 richer. King Ralph and I won the 50/50. I would have donated it back except with the budget cuts in the district I decided to be greedy and keep it. I bought a jacket at the silent auction so I donated part of the winnings back.

We marked our tie breaker sheet for 68 and ended the evening with 65 total points. Not our best, but we had a hell of a table buffet. One drunk dude from the losing table came by and started loading a plate with our buffet selections. We were all so dumb founded we just stared in shock at his audacity. Then once I realized who's table he came from, not to mention the fact it was an all male table who came armed only with a five-gallon barrel of hard pretzels and a cooler of beer...well, you begin to feel sorry and proceed to load them up with your leftovers. King Ralph found another guy in the men's room hugging the toilet while his buddy instructed him to "lock his knees" while he held his head over the toilet. Really!? How old are these people? Sure we had some wine, beer, margaritas and a little spiced rum at our table but we all left collected and upright.

Okay if I stop typing and get to sleep I will clock 4.5 hours of rest before the sandwich song starts playing at ten thousand decibels.

Saturday 437pm
I actually got 3 hours of sleep before the alarm summonsed and the sandwich song started playing. By the time we finished making 3100 bandwiches and delivering the bandwiches I was so tired I could hardly hold one eye open and find my bed. M too. But I did and so did M. I napped like a a princess because a queen would still be sleeping. M must be the queen, she is still sleeping. I'm jealous! To be 17 again.

I am so tired and you'll never guess what I am cooking for dinner? Bandwiches. (I say that with an evil but serious giggle.)


Lin said...

You guys are STILL pushing those bandwiches??? Criminy! I guess that must be a successful fundraiser for you. We do a Pick 3 raffle which net us $8000 in one month--with little or no work. It borders on gambling, so you really have to have no kids in the mix on any level, but gees, the tickets FLY out the door. Email me if you want details.

JODI said...

Lin- It's once a month from November till May...been doing it for years. When you are going to take a trip that cost nearly $400,000 you not only hawk bandwiches, but you sell raffle tickets, hold a trivia night, restaurant nights, grocery cards, sell flower baskets....

Oh it's every man for himself. There is very few general fund fund raisers. You sell, work, etc.-- it's all in the kid's personal accountant. Last time we went to the TOR Parade we had kids who did nothing for the band but reaped the benefit and deep discount of the work of others.

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