Friday, August 28, 2009


By the time I am able to collapse on the couch this week--my feet ache. So I am all, TGIF! I rise before the rooster crows, work all day, run the girls all evening while adding in visits to my mother-in-law till I finally am able to flop in the bed around 1030pm. I need the alarm clock to stop waking me--for at least one day.

I traded a Wednesday night at the Cards game to see and hear this:

I've just been whipped and as much as I love both the marching band playing the National Anthem and a Cards winning game; King Ralph had to be the guy to support our child. And, D needed someone home while she acclimates to life in high school and the homework load. She too couldn't have handled a ball game. M was up till 1230am doing homeowrk after the game. UHG!

Since I am dragging on this TGIF I am plotting and planning my rebel edge. A new dress code was implemented this year for work-- no shoes you can wear in the shower and jeans only on Fridays. When I took D to get new jeans at Old Navy last night I picked up a pair of black flip flips. I love me some flops! I am wearing them with my jeans today. I WOULD NEVER WEAR NEW FLIP FLOPS IN THE SHOWER. This my defense speech if the principal says something. Or,we were given till October to rectify our wardrobes. (I was never a blue jean girl but I was always: flip flops with skirt girl.)

Tonight, after work, after the hospital, we are going to our favorite pizza joint to eat, drink, relax and watch the Cards--win, well hoping.



Lin said...

Who wears shoes in the shower anyway?? That is a silly rule. How about something with a strap? or something you could not kick off while doing the can can? Sheesh. Rules, schmules.

JODI said...

Lin- Who wears shoes in the shower? I imagine anyone who needs to shower in a frat house bathroom. LOL

Proud to say no one commented on my flops.

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