Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Post I Forgot to Post

The Monday morning struggle was real! Dragging myself from my bed was a real feat. You see, October weekends have not failed us. Once again we were off on an adventure. It's the impending adventures that carry me through the work week! 

Our latest adventure was to include Prince Charming. He has yet to make a trip to Chicago to meet the people up there that mean the most to us. His California address got in the way for years...then he moved back to the Lou...and who knows what's been keeping him from joining in on our past trips. Perhaps that little thing called: a job. 

It was all planned--introducing him around town. Then his sister had to go and have her baby ahead of her scheduled C-section date. Which meant we adventured without Prince Charming. Completely understandable. 

To Chicago we went! Me, King Ralph and Princess A. 

With the Cubs in the city we opted to venture out into nature. Five of us headed out to Matthiesn State Park.
We navigated the rocks as we crossed the water.
One of us mistook leaves and pine needles thickly laying atop the water as ground. Yep, down in the water went my shoe. The wet shoe was worth the nature sights! 

After we hiked in the dells area of the park, we headed to Ottawa to try out a microbrewery
We sampled 
But I'll be a son-of-a-gun if in October this place was out of their Octoberfest brew. 

We finished off Saturday with deep dish pizza, the Cubs and pumpkin martinis. 

On Sunday we headed over to the nursing facility to hang with my favorite old lady--my Grandma. 
King Ralph snapped this candid shot of my Grandma and I. I think I'll end up cherishing this photo. It's real. It's simple. It's love. 

And the October adventures continues....

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Lin said...

Awwww...I LOVE that photo of you and g-ma! I'm so glad that she got to see her Cubs win..finally.

Glad you had fun up here. We were at Montelle winery when we were in your neck of the woods a few weeks ago. Had fun..good wine!