Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Not Goodbye, But See You Later

While some people have been consumed with post election mental breakdowns...I was busy feeling good. You see I chose, we chose, to spend the weekend away from negativity and the TV. 

King Ralph and I took The Wanderlust out for once last adventure. We walked the dog along the river. We grilled. We drank wine under the almost full moon. We made campfires all weekend. King Ralph smoked cigars. I read my book, while Fall's fresh cool air kissed my skin and the campfire warmed the air. 
King Ralph and I were truly relaxed. Not a care in the world! 

Then we winterized The Wanderlust. Tucking her in for cold months ahead, and waiting for Spring to come back around again. 

Till then....

1 comment:

Lin said... hard to tuck her in for the winter. have your memories of the first summer together and the anticipation of what is to come to hold you until Spring. I'm glad you got out one last time. You are lucky for that!